SportaHealth is a weblog is found on November 2nd, 2015 and running and developing. Nutrition fo Everyone.

sportahealth.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The contents of nutrition and health news are only for reference, for details should be consulted of doctors.

Sportahealth.com runs as a website that shares information about health news, nutrition, cooking tips… but still focuses on health news and nutrition field. In addition, website is also to provide other information and tips. Sportahealth will synthesize information in many fields and update them as soon as possible.

The main purpose of website is to share information that founder knows and want to share. Also, the blog always welcome and receive the contributions of members and readers to provide more diverse and quality articles.

Sportahealth blog operate with principles such as:

  • Providing totally free contents of articles.
  • Just introduce the best quality services/information.
  • Updating contents and supporting fastest reader.
  • Creating knowledge exchange environment healthy, say “No” to the violation of copyright.

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We will use cookies as a way of marking the visitor information such as browser type, gender, time of access, frequency of page views… our aim to understand the needs of the readers to developing better content.

Sportahealth blog allows readers to comment freely as a small forum. In the comment area, readers may ask or suggest / feelings about the article content. But, to avoid annoying and affect others, we reserve the right to delete comments in case of force majeure.

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