10 Healthy Salads and Easy to Make

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To supplement vegetables into your meals, nothing more ideal is healthy salads. The addition of vegetables to the diet will help your body absorb important nutrients, improved health.

The healthy salads are synthetic, easy to do with the raw or cooked ingredients so you can treat your family and friends.

Healthy salads and easy to make

Healthy salads and easy to make

10 healthy salads and easy to do

1. Egg Salad mixed with olive oil and vinegar


Salad is synthesized with vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion merged together in sweet and sour taste of olive oil and vinegar, easy to eat and good for health. The egg salad is also made quite fast and simple; you can do it even in busy days.

2. Sprouts salad


Bean sprouts are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, low in energy. Dishes are made from bean sprouts are delicious and good for health. Bean sprout salad is no exception. Those wishing to lose weight are able to apply this dish in their diet.

3. Enoki mushroom salad


Enoki mushroom salad flavored rather light, naturally sweet, crunchy and fresh, sweet and sour, it’s easy to eat. Not only that, this dish has many more nutrients. This dish is well suited for use in banquets.

4. Avocado tofu salad


The main materials of this salad are only raw tofu and avocado. This dish is made extremely simple but delicious to make you surprised. Summer is avocado harvesting, making this delicious salad to eat is too great.

5. Bell pepper salad


People who like spicy food can try and enjoy this bell pepper salad. With a few simple ingredients and a few steps, bell pepper salad is ready for you to enjoy.

6. Lettuce salad


This is the most simple salad, but not everyone can also perform perfectly. The secret of lettuce salad is olive oil and vinegar. With the availability of raw materials, make sure you’ll have a simple salad that strangely attractive.

7. Cucumber Salad


Cucumber is known as the effect of beauty. Salad made from cucumber is extremely easy to do, and the material is almost always available in your refrigerator. Instead of just cutting cucumber eat to eat raw, you just take a few more minutes to get a delicious dish.

8. Broccoli salad


Broccoli salad is particularly well suited for those who are interested in losing weight. Moreover, broccoli also has many health benefits such as anti-cancer, prevent diabetes. Try making a salad instead of fry up it to change your taste.

9. Okra Salad


It seems to be a strange dish for many people. You’ll have a good appetite with okra salad. Sour and sweet tastes are merged together will increase the attractiveness of the dish. Extremely simple materials and takes about 35 minutes to do.

10. Thai Mango Salad


Just spend a little time with familiar ingredients such as mango, cucumber, peppers, … you’ve got a Thai mango salad with sweet and sour, eat forever without getting bored. This dish is very popular in Southeast Asia.

There will have guides to do of these healthy salads; you can follow in the next articles.

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