Homemade aloe vera yogurt

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Aloe vera yogurt is a great combination between yogurt and aloe vera. It is not only delicious food but also useful to the health and beauty of women.

Yogurt and aloe vera are known as food works effectively for weight loss. Eating yogurt and vera properly will also bring other health benefits.

Homemade delicious aloe vera yogurt

Homemade delicious aloe vera yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product made through fermentation. Yogurt has been shown to enhance the body’s immune system, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. In addition, yogurt also provides calcium and reduces bad cholesterol in the body.

Aloe vera has moisturizing effect, helps the skin to heal faster, not leaving bruises and helps cool the skin, smooth skin. The pulp of aloe is cut into thin slices and apply on face will reduce freckles or hair treatment, helps smooth hair.

Yogurt combined with aloe vera will significantly increase efficiency for health and beauty.

Ingredients of aloe vera yogurt

  • 1 can of condensed milk.
  • Some branches of vera.
  • 1 jar yogurt (used as yogurt yeast).
  • 2 boxes of fresh milk without sugar.
  • Some small jars for yogurt containers.

The processing steps of aloe vera yogurt

Aloe Vera is removed the green bark, take the white pulp and wash several times in water. Then soak aloe in water with a little salt for 5 minutes to reduce mucus on aloe vera.

Aloe vera
Then, cut aloe into small cubes diced form. You should boil aloe vera in boiled water about 45 seconds. Take them out and soak aloe vera into ice water with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar about 1-2 hours to aloe has a little sweetness. Then, take aloe out and drained out.

Pour condensed milk into a large bowl and pour boiling water (just enough) into it and then stir gently to dissolve condensed milk and water. Then, pour the fresh milk into the bowl and stir well. Next, add the yogurt used for fermentation into the bowl and stir lightly to all mutual solubility. Then add aloe vera into milk mixture.

Pour aloe vera yogurt mixture into a small jar each (should use glass jar). Put the jars into a large pot with a lid. Cook a little hot water at a temperature of about 400C. Pour hot water into the pot flooded about 1/3 jar of yogurt. Put the lid on the pot.. Turn on the microwave at 1700C temperature for 3-4 minutes. Then, turn off the microwave, then put the pot containing yogurt jars in the microwave for about 6-8 hours incubation, you will have jars of smooth and delicious aloe vera yogurt as standard.

Yogurt is stored in the refrigerator will taste better.

Aloe vera yogurt 2
The notes when making aloe vera yogurt

Yogurt is not thick as yogurt yeast has not been fermented properly, and temperature as well, moved much during incubation.

Always make sure the yogurt is incubated at a temperature about 40-45°C as this is the temperature at which the yogurt enzyme works best.

You can also use the rice cooker to incubate yogurt or simplest way is to use yogurt machine.

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