Homemade delicious Japanese Sushi rolls

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Sushi rolls are a traditional dish and indispensable in the daily meals of the Japanese. This dish is also good for health. This dish has many different ways and also different names depending on the materials used.

Sushi rolls are usually eaten with other ingredients, especially fest seafood such as tuna, salmon and salmon roe. Sushi rolls are also popular in South Korea and other Asian countries.

Japanese Sushi rolls

Japanese Sushi rolls (Photo: freedigitalphotos.net)

You should use the commonly used raw materials in Japan to get its true flavor. These materials are sold in supermarkets.

Ingredients for Sushi rolls


  • Japanese white rice: round grain about 200-300g
  • Vinegar: The type made of rice.
  • Dried seaweed sheets (Japanese kelp has many minerals such as Kombu, Nori swaweed).
  • Two eggs.
  • The types of fresh seafood such as shrimp, salmon, tuna… (depending on preference).
  • Cucumber, pickled radish and carrot.
  • Sesame oil and the small bamboo blinds.

Methods of processing Sushi rolls

  • Rice brought washed (do not wash too long because this will lose nutrients of rice, just 2-3 times) and cooked in the rice cooker. Remember to watch the water level to be flexible enough to fit delicious rice. After the rice is cooked, the rice served out into a bowl. Then, take two teaspoon vinegar and 2 teaspoon sugar and mix well.
  • For cucumber, pickled radish and carrots, you can cut them in half lengthwise, and then cut into small pieces with a length of 15-20 cm. Seeds cucumbers should be removed.
  • Breaking eggs to the bowl and beating until egg whites and yolks mixed together into a single composite. Pour a little cooking oil in a frying pan and fry the egg mixture. Then let cool and cut into pieces like cucumber.
  • Boiled shrimp then peel off the shell. Salmon, omelet and tuna cut into small and long pieces.
  • Place the bamboo blinds in bottom layer, followed by one layer of nylon and dried seaweed sheet on the top.
  • Spread rice on the seaweed and put in turn omelet, cucumber, tuna or shrimp in the middle of the rice. You can combine the remaining ingredients into the rice depending on your tastes or may be each Sushi roll just has one material.
  • For rice not pushed out when rolled you should leave one little gap at 2 edges of seaweed. Use your fingers to roll the bamboo blinds. Sushi rice is rolled tightly to be considered successful and delicious. Then, remove the bamboo blinds and nylon layer you get Sushi roll dish.
  • You can spread Sushi rolls a little sesame oil and sesame seeds, then cut into small pieces about 2cm. To cut pieces of Sushi not broken, you can spread a little cooking oil on the blade.

When enjoy Sushi rolls, you will feel the salty taste of seaweed, sour taste of vinegar and fresh, crispy of vegetables and seafood. This dish is usually served with soy sauce mixed with a little spicy mustard.

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