Homemade Japanese Beef Hotpot – Sukiyaki

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You feel no appetite to eat familiar foods daily. Try changing your taste with Japanese beef hotpot (sukiyaki). It’s really very delicious.

You will be attracted to the Japanese beef slices of soft, sweet, scent of tasty soup, and strange taste when beef dipped into the cup of fresh eggs would make a great dish especially on days which is cold weather.

Japanese beef hotpot (sukiyaki)

Japanese beef hotpot (sukiyaki)

Japanese beef hotpot (sukiyaki), it’s really easy to do. Sukiyaki also provides nutrients for the body from a variety of materials like beef, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, eggs…



500g of beef (the best is Wagyu beef). This is the famous beef in Japan, very tasty and tender.

A bunch of Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage.

A bunch of Garlard Chrysanthemum.

White tofu or yakidofu (this is the kind of tofu is lightly grilled outside).

Enoki mushroom, shiitake.

1 packet of shirataki noodles or vermicelli, eggs.

Soy sauce, white wine and other spices.

Instructions of processing Japanese beef hotpot (sukiyaki)

Beef is rinsed and sliced ​​about 2-3mm. You should choose beef including lean and fat.

wagyu beef
Bok choy, Chinese cabbage and mushrooms are washed and cut into small pieces. Particularly Enoki mushroom, you just cut off the roots and washed.

Tofu is also cut into small pieces.

You can use a saucepan or pan to cook Japanese beef hotpot for ingredients to be cooked. Pour 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of white wine and 1 tablespoon of sugar into the saucepan (use kind of big soup ladle spoon). You can use sukiyaki sauce instead. Stir to dissolve sugar in soy sauce and wine.

You do not need to add water into the saucepan because vegetables will secrete fluid to reduce the saltiness of the soup during cooking. Adding water or do not need to see the status of the broth and then decide.

Add the pieces of tofu, Enoki mushrooms, shiitake and Garlard Chrysanthemum respectively into the saucepan (can add radishes and carrots). Cook a few minutes, then add the shirataki noodles and beef into the saucepan. Undercooked beef is available.

Breaking eggs into each cup an egg and beaten egg yolk. Japanese beef hotpot served with eggs. Because the broth of hotpot is mainly soy sauce should be salty, beef is dipped in egg will reduce the saltiness and feeling tasty.

Thus was completed the Japanese beef hotpot – sukiyaki. Perhaps this is the first time you do and enjoy this hotpot, but it gives you a unique and deliciousness.

Good luck.

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