Selection and enjoying delicious salmon roe

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Salmon roe is one of the rare caviar and the most expensive. Salmon eggs contain very high nutritional content. Salmon eggs are not only delicious food but also has effects of anti-aging and skin beauty for women.

Salmon roe is processed and used like other fish eggs products including caviar, a dish popular in Eastern Europe and Russia. Depending on the region, local, quality and price of these foods are also various. Salmon eggs have not complex flavors like caviar products and they are cheaper caviar.

Salmon roe

Salmon roe

Salmon eggs have round granular, red-orange color. Separating eggs from salmon is quite difficult as well as the preservation and processing is also very demanding. Therefore, salmon roe price is very expensive. This is food that contains less fat, suitable for dieters. Especially omega 3, this oil is useful in lowering cholesterol and maintaining heart health.

Salmon eggs after being removed from the abdomen of salmon soaked in a mixture of salt water becomes salmon caviar.

How choosing salmon roe is correctly

Salmon roe standards is kind of fish eggs. Because the eggs are broken, the nutrient content is reduced significantly and the price also decreases.

High quality Salmon roe is a kind of eggs when they are forced to break off in your mouth and have the small “pop” sound to create excitement for people to eat. Besides, the fish eggs smell slightly fishy odor with a little oil and weak flavor. Soft and much oily fish eggs are kind of inferior quality.

To retain the natural taste of salmon eggs, people must make salmon caviar with weak flavor (due to strict manufacturing process), they will have high value. If salmon caviar taste too salty and broken or compressed, it is kind of shoddy. So, based on the flavors you can choose salmon caviar correctly.

The best temperature for storage is 0-4 degrees Celsius. This will keep the nutrients in fish eggs. They can be canned to be preserved longer.

Processing and enjoying salmon roe

Salmon eggs are retrieved from the salmon before spawning, when they grow best and many eggs. Fish eggs after retrieving is carefully preserved, frozen and marinated with salt. Salmon caviar is usually processed by the skilled hands to get high value.

From time immemorial, salmon roe are chilled and eaten separately to be able to feel their natural flavors. Using heat to cook the salmon eggs are often not used because it can lose the taste of caviar.

Ikura Sushi

Ikura Sushi (Photo:

Salmon roe is quite similar to sturgeon eggs, caviar kind of long. Salmon caviar can be used in various ways such as raw materials to make sushi, crispy pastries in the buffet parties… Salmon roe can be eaten raw, pressed and mixed with other types of paste or, or even dried.

In addition, salmon roe can be eaten with bread or porridge. Sipping a little white wine and enjoying special foods is a great feeling that any gourmet would love to experience.

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