Simple ways to help boiled chicken was delicious

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Many people think the boiling chicken is quite simple, but not everyone can have boiled chicken well done and tasty. While boiling chicken, just forget some things that boiled chicken cannot be delicious.

Before boiling chicken, you need to buy chicken. To get tasty boiled chicken you should buy chickens alive, healthy chickens, sleek feathers and pressed to the body. You should select backyard chicken instead of chicken industry. Because backyard chicken flesh is generally firmer chicken industry. This is one of the most important tips in choosing buy chicken for the housewives.

The simple ways to help boiled chicken was delicious

The simple ways to help boiled chicken was delicious

Directions to help boiled chicken was delicious

Before boiling chicken you should rub salt and wash chicken on the outside and inside. When putting the chicken into the pot you should put the abdomen downwards.

Many people have the habit of boiling water before putting the chicken in the pot, but this will make chicken not be tasty and chicken skin will be peeled. Therefore, you should not pour hot water or boiling water on chicken. The best is to pour cool water into the pot for flooding and start to boil chicken. Thus, the chicken will done well from outside to inside.

To add a little crushed ginger and some onion cut about 4cm (white part) into the pot. You should consider leaving a small fire while boiling chicken. If the water boils too long, the chicken will be cooked fast but not tasty. When boiling water for about 5 minutes to adjust small fire and boiled for about 15 minutes more. Then, you can turn the heat off but still closed lid for about 20 minutes.

Boiled chicken
To check whether chicken was cooked, you can use a fork prick chicken in the chicken, if there is no light red water flowing, chicken is cooked. Depending on small or big chicken, boiled chicken time is different. However, the average time to boil chicken is about 30-40 minutes.

When the chicken is cooked, you should take chicken out of the hot water pot and put it immediately into cool water pot. After the chicken has cooled, you can take it out and put on the disc, if not, the chicken skin will be dry and tarnished.

In the case of chicken too big or too thick, the chicken cannot be cooked. When you chop chicken into small pieces you will see reddish inside. Then, you can also put them into the microwave and cook for a few minutes.

If using whole boiled chicken to offer, you can spread on chicken skin with a mixture layer of turmeric juice mixed with chicken fat. This makes the chicken skin is shiny yellow attractively.

It’s important of boiling chicken you should also pay attention to boiled chicken pot, do not forget so long while doing other works, the chicken will be crushed.

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