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In addition to the dishes in luxurious restaurants, street food in Bangkok and many other countries is also very attractive to tourists.

Cuisine is very diverse. Food has many different flavors, different processing ways depending on the food culture of that country. However, cuisine can connect people together, sharing together the pumpkin recipes, tips, and even discussing the dishes well.

Bangkok street food

Bangkok street food

Bangkok street food is very diverse

No need to go far, you can enjoy good dishes of Bangkok street food in the center of city where you live. Bangkok street food with many traditional dishes from Thailand such as Thai spicy sausage, surimi salad, pad Thai, grilled pork skewer, mixed rice, tom yam kung, Thai vermicelli salad …

Coconut cream


In particular, you should try to eat baked coconut cream, many tourists love it for typical ingredients of Thailand. Coconut water is sweet, fine aroma and creamy combination of cool, moderate fat. This food looks delicious and more attractive when combined with red bean, corn and steamed sticky rice with pandan leaves.

Fizzy drinks and Thai tea


Drinks such as iced coffee, Thai tea, juice or fizzy drinks are sold throughout the streets of Bangkok for visitor’s refreshment. In particular, only from 20-50 baht that you’ll buy those drinks with XXL size (Plastic Cup of Coffee).

Ice Cream


These ice creams come in various shapes, different sizes, and many flavors such as fruit or chocolate are the ideal dish for you against the heat of Bangkok. Price of each ice cream is 80 baht.

Som Tam


Som Tam is a Thai papaya salad with sour, sweet and spicy. It is the typical taste of most Thai dishes. Som Tam is made of shredded green papaya mixed with dried shrimp, peanuts, chilli, sugar, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, tomatoes… Most visitors are coming to Bangkok also love this dish.

Fried quail eggs


Simply fried quail egg, then served with a kind of special sauce, but delicious taste of this dish makes many visitors cannot refuse. Price of a fried quail egg box is about 100 baht.

Grilled squid


Grilled squid dish is a good street food that visitors can find in many Asian cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok is no exception. Thai grilled squid cooked simple and sweetness of the squid with a little spicy of chilli create a very special feeling to the tourists.

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