6 Bad Habits Right After Meals Seriously Affect Health

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Many people have the bad habits right after meals such as smoking, eating fruit, drinking tea, going to bed, walking, bathing …

Without attention, these bad habits might affect your health. Smoking a cigarette right after a meal will absorb toxins of smoking more than 10 cigarettes at other times.

6 bad habits right after meals seriously affect health

6 bad habits right after meals seriously affect health.

6 bad habits right after meals seriously affect health

1. Smoking

The harmful effects of cigarettes will increase many times if you smoke right after eating. That’s because the operation of the intestines and stomach are strengthened, blood circulation in the digestive tract also increased rapidly, if smoking a cigarette, the amount of toxins absorbed into the body than smoking 10 cigarettes at the other times..

Smoking immediately after eating also promotes secretion of protein and CO2 of marrow, makes blood vessels in the lining of the stomach to shrink, resulting in an imbalance between acid and alkali that causes dysfunction of stomach.

2. Drinking tea

Tea leaves have high acidity will harden both dietary protein loaded, leading to difficult to digest. If you want to drink tea, you should drink after a meal about an hour, it will not cause disorders to the operation of the organs in the body.

3. Eating fruits immediately

This habit can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, which can lead to weight gain or obesity. The time that the foods are retained in the stomach as follows: sugar (about 1 hour), protein (2-3 hours), fat (about 5-6 hours), while fruit is fast digesting food. If these fruits are blocked, there will be fermentation reaction, causing bloating, indigestion, constipation … You should eat fruit in the morning, before or an hour after meals.

Try to change bad habits to protect your health.

4. Bath

This habit will cause an increase in blood flow to the hands, legs and body, so the amount of blood around the stomach will decrease significantly. The digestive system will be weakened for this.

5. Walking or exercise

These will be effective for health when you do the right time. otherwise, if you do immediately after a meal, it can lead to acid reflux and indigestion. It is better, you can walk for 10 minutes after meals about 20-30 minutes

6. Going to bed

After eating, the stomach contractions, a blood volume will accrue to the stomach to help the digestive process, the quantity of blood to the brain and other organs decreases, causing drowsiness, fatigue. However, you should not go to sleep right after eating, especially for elderly people because it makes the stomach to stretch, pushing up the diaphragm compression hinder the heart’s activity. In addition, this habit also causes stomach pain, puffiness of the face, arms and legs.

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