6 Important Notes When Using Raw Honey on Face

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Honey is the food that is high nutritional values, good for health and beauty. However, there are also important considerations when using raw honey on face.

The health benefits of honey in general or the benefits of honey on skin in particular have been proven to be very effective. That is especially true if you use honey properly and reasonably. If honey is not used properly, it can cause some adverse effects to health like skin allergies, stomach in trouble …

Important Notes When Using Raw Honey on Face

Important Notes When Using Raw Honey on Face

Important notes when using raw honey on face

Restrictions in applying honey on vulnerable skin

You should not apply honey on certain areas of the skin even when you are not allergic to honey. Especially for skin areas which are varicose veins, you should not apply honey on the skin because honey contains substances can cause varicose veins.

When you want to make nourishing mask, you often use honey combined with other ingredients such as flour, lemon juice, egg whites … you avoid applying to the eye area. If you want to apply honey on it, you should dilute honey and apply as little for the eye area is very thin. The best is not to apply honey onto the eye area.

You should try before using honey for skin care

Honey is known that is natural origin and suitable for most skin types, including vulnerable skin without causing irritation. However, honey can cause itching and redness. So you should try before you apply to other skin areas.

You should apply honey or homemade products from honey to the skin of the arm which is on the same side with the palms before use cosmetics made from honey. You should clean if there are signs of itching or redness. If nothing happens, you may use those cosmetics.

Concerned about the quality of honey

Honey is stored for a long time, put in metal containers and air bubbles you should not use for honey susceptible bacteria direct attack would be dangerous to use. It is best to use forest, thick and golden honey… the effectiveness of skin care will be improved significantly..

Protected skin after using honey for beauty

You need to protect your skin from the sun light after applying facial mask containing honey or massage. Due to effects of exfoliation of honey on the skin, if you do not protect your skin from the UAVs, your skin may darken.

Mindful of the health status when using honey

Drink honey is really beneficial for health, improved skin and healthy. However, there are some special cases, the nutrients of honey may affect health. People who should limit or not to drink honey namely people with low blood pressure, heart failure, asthma, diabetes, diarrhea … because of Acetylcholine in honey is effective to reduce blood pressure.

Moreover, those who are after surgery should not drink honey as absorbing nutrients after losing a lot of blood will affect the liver. Especially pregnant women absolutely should not drink honey because honey stimulates the uterus to contract, affecting the development of the fetus. Infants use honey will be susceptible poisoning due to detoxification function of the liver has not been completed, so should not allow children under 1 year use honey.

Avoid in combination of honey and certain other foods

You may have stomach pain if honey is served with rice. The combination of honey and fennel can cause liver damage. Also, you should not combine honey with tofu, onion, soy bean… Especially, if you eat honey with carp will be poisoned immediately. In this case, you can use licorice to detoxify, but the best is to be taken to the doctor. So, honey can be harmful if you combine them improperly.

Those are the six important notes when using raw honey on face that you should refer for beauty.

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