9 Tips of Cooling The Body in Hot Weather

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Hot weather will cause discomfort for the body and causing the body be fatigue, decreased work performance. There are some tips of cooling the body in hot weather.

Eating succulent fruits, moderate exercise, wearing light-colored clothes will help the body cool in hot weather over 40 degrees C.

The tips of cooling the body in hot weather

The tips of cooling the body in hot weather.

The tips of cooling the body in hot weather

Wearing light-colored clothes

According to scientists, bright colored clothing is helpful in reducing the feeling of heat in the summer. Scientifically, bright colors with reflective effect, synonymous with energy in sunlight cannot penetrate clothing to the body.

You should wear sunglasses when you go out in the sun.

Restrict stimulants

In the summer, you should limit smoke or drink a lot of alcohol to reduce the amount of heat in the body and make you feel more comfortable. The selection of drinks is also a smart way to help the body cooler, reducing the amount of coffee and tea, juice enhanced.

Moderate exercise

Outdoor activities or exercises in the heat will cause rapid dehydration and weakness. You should choose the subjects of health and exercise in early morning or when the sun off. Swimming, walking, and yoga are encouraged by the cooling effect during the hot season.

Drinking a lot of water

In hot summer, the body loses water through sweat so you need to drink plenty of water to replenish. Drinking water also helps cool the body and fresher.

Eating succulent fruits

Watermelon, melon, grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes, grapes … are hydrated fruits, contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that help the body to prevent illness in the summer. Adding water to the body through eating fresh fruits is a wise choice in muggy weather.

Homemade mask for skin cooling

Green tea, aloe vera and rice water extracts can soothe the skin, soothe sunburn effect. Besides, soak your feet or hands in cool water also quickly cool the body because the hands and feet with large contact surface and many blood vessels.

Avoid the sun

Limiting go out into the fierce sun hours at 10-14h. If you are forced out, you should protect the body by a mask, jacket and sunglasses; apply sunscreen before sun exposure for 20 minutes to protect the skin.

Having a bath

You should bath with cool water 2 times a day for cooling. Avoid bathing with warm water because it makes the skin lose moisture.

Pulling the curtain

30% of unwanted heat from your windows, so you should pull the curtains to cool room space, support eye glare.

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