Are Your Estrogen Levels Normal?

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Estrogen levels affect the shape of body forming process, fertility and mood of women.

For details of your estrogen levels, you need to perform a blood test to check for it. Some of the following information related to this indicator you can refer to.

Estrogen index

Estrogen levels rise or fall depending on the age. At the age of 19-29, the normal is 149 pg/ml, 30-39 years old is 210 pg/ml, age of 40-49 is 152 pg/ml, and the age of 50-59 is 130 pg/ml. In particular, for women in the menstrual period, this index ranged 50-400 pg/ml.

Is Your Estrogen Levels Normal?

Is Your Estrogen Levels Normal?

The reasons cause high estrogen levels

Stress, obesity and cardiovascular disease cause high estrogen. High estrogen will cause depression, insomnia, increased risk of breast and uterine cancer.

How to reduce estrogen levels?

Avoid eating foods containing chemicals

Pesticides and chemicals such as antibiotics, hormones increase the weight of livestock act as estrogen in the body and is absorbed easily will increase estrogen levels.

Limit dairy products

When cow is pregnant, hormone levels are very high, so the cow’s milk also contains high levels of estrogen. Also, it also contains about 60 hormones, not to mention the growth hormones, antibiotics, used in animal husbandry will increase estrogen.

Eating adequate fiber

Acid of bile helps excrete and maintain the stability of the estrogen levels. A diet high in fiber will help do better.

Exercising regularly can help reduce excess estrogen approximately 7%.

Low estrogen index

Estrogen levels of 10-20 pg/ml is low; it will cause fatigue, headaches, lack of sleep, hot flashes, night sweats, chills, decreased libido, memory loss and weight gain. Common manifestations of this condition are the eyes, skin and vaginal dryness, and erratic mood. This situation occurs in some cases, such as:

Young women have removed their ovaries, above and inside of the ovarian cysts, miscarriage, women giving birth and breastfeeding, dysfunction of the pituitary gland, dieting or excessive exercise causes fat absorption of the body not enough.

Postmenopausal women: This happens naturally when women over 40 years old.

How to increase the estrogen levels?

Light exercise for 30 minutes/day to improve overall health and increase estrogen levels.

Eating: Use foods capable to increase estrogen such as soybeans, isoflavone extracts from soybeans germ. The fruits (apples, plums, papaya …), vegetables (carrots, celery, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and yams), brown grains (brown rice, oats, wheat) and the seeds (peas, pumpkin seeds, sesame and sunflower seeds) will stimulate the production of estrogen.

Rules balance estrogen levels

Estrogen imbalance is becoming more common in women in their 30s and after age 40 because foods high in chemicals. Moreover, stress working environment or abuse of oral contraceptives and many other reasons. A few rules to keep estrogen levels stable that you can refer to:

Choosing the right food

This will create conditions for the body to produce sufficient amounts of hormones by the full complement of protein, good fats (omega-3 from fish, coconut oil, olive oil), and lots of vegetables.

Do not use plastic containers to store food and water for long term storage in the refrigerator. If you must use them, you use only plastic without BPA (BPA-free).

Fitness: The exercises such as yoga, aerobics, swimming, walking, cycling will help you relax and very beneficial to balance estrogen.

Get enough sleep: To maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar level stable, thus fluctuating estrogen levels will be less.

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