Considerations when using mobile phone before bedtime

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Many people know that using mobile phone for hours before sleeping is not helpful to health, but cannot give up this bad habit.

But apparently a lot of people knowing harmful but cannot give up the habit “hug” mobile phone in bed surfing the web or gaming. If you really want to use smartphone every night, keep in mind the principles, the following notes in order to reduce harm to health to the lowest level!

Adjust the brightness of your phone display

When using your smartphone while lying in bed, try to adjust the screen brightness to low, and do not let the screen opposites to the eyes. The screen light always light straight but it does not “bend itself” to another location, the more radiation to be mentioned that it is very harmful to health.

So it’s best to put down the screen tilt angle of about 45 degrees above the eyes, it should not angled up because it will be subject to a great force, permanent will cause aches.

Do not lie on one’s side or lie prone during using mobile phone.

Using mobile phone before bedtime

Do not lie on one’s side when using mobile phone

Never lie on one’s side while reading mobile phone. Lying on one’s side your left or right will quickly cause vision binocular disparity due to pressure from the screen light causes.

Similarly, lying prone to see your phone has not been encouraging. This type is long the day will make it difficult for the blood circulation in the brain and hands. Also, it makes you feel very tired and cervical spine caused anemia occurs in inertia.

If you must use your phone while lying, let supine. This is the most logical way to support burden for parts of the body, only the arm is inevitably fatigue. To revolve it, you can place a pillow or blanket on the chest, under the arms to make the supporter.

In addition, the evening should adjust the browser screen to night mode. We recognize the characters through the color difference, the difference between the two higher colors the vision loss more. The absorption and reflection of color is different. Therefore, the night mode should try to use black with purple (or gray). The evening should use cold colors, do not use warm colors.

However, it is noteworthy that the colors for the night easily make people tired, this is also the reason why you feel sleepy when you use the phone for a while in the night.

Do not use the phone more than 1.5 hours before sleep.

Do not use the phone more than 1.5 hours before sleep.

Do not use the phone more than 1.5 hours before sleep.

If you prefer “hug” mobile phone before bed, do not exceed 1.5 hours. One after receiving certain information will form a memory shield, so using the phone too long will make your memory decreases. Also, you should set the browser screen a little bigger.

Many people have the habit of snacking before go to bed to “hug” smartphone because they fear that will fall asleep. But the reality is the more play the more due to the amount of food has just loaded. Eating at night can make you slow sleepiness, but the damage is swollen eyes and may have constipation on the next day… In the long run, even it can harm the stomach more.

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