Do you know computer keyboard is very dirty?

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There are many things in your family which you thought that it was very clean but the truth is not so. Computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest items used every day if we do not pay attention to it. It is even dirtier than the toilet bowl there.

The study showed that there are more 3000 bacteria in 6.45 cm2 on keyboard, including up to 2 types of drug-resistant bacteria is extremely dangerous. Most bacteria are significantly harmless; however, they can cause infection if our hands scratched, really dangerous. In a survey of 4000 people, about a half of them done cleaning computer keyboard for at least 1 times 1 month.

Computer keyboard is dirtier than a toilet

Computer keyboard is dirtier than a toilet

Especially the women’s desk is a harbor of bacteria more than desks of men. The most common type of bacteria commonly found on the computer keyboard is kind of E. coli (Escherichia coli) and Staphylococcus aureus. Of course they do not naturally appear on a computer keyboard that the reason is caused by the computer user. Many computer users do not wash your hands, especially some people still have the habit of just manually taking foods while using the computer …

It is one of the common causes for the bacteria that attach to and proliferate on a computer keyboard. The danger is personal computer users are less likely to pay attention to this. The fingers touch the keys of computer keyboard has “already contains bacteria” accidentally touching your eyes, mouth … and that is quickly becoming perpetrators introduce bacteria entering into the body. Illnesses are born from it.

After checking many keyboards in the office of the staffs working in the London City, England, the scientists were stunned to find that computer keyboards are dirtier than a toilet. Besides the keyboard, some other devices were also detected the presence of bacteria such as computer mice, computer screens …

One surprising thing is even though the computer keyboard can be used it for years, but not many people clean or very little attention to this. Only in some developed countries such as UK, USA … cleaning computer is almost ignored, especially in the workplace, although the computer keyboard is almost used continuously every day.

Cleaning the computer keyboard and washing hands after using

  • Perhaps no better way for everyone to be aware and protect themselves from these microbes. Washing your hands before using the computer as a way to keep the computer keyboard of us not becomes a harbor for bacteria.
  • Also, at least once a week, spend a bit of time to clean the computer equipment.
  • Remember to unplug entire electrical system and never used a wet towel to clean the computer.
  • Use a small soft bristle brush sweep surface and the grooves on the keyboard. You should do this regularly to prevent dust. If you want cleaner can use hand vacuum cleaner or small spray air blows into the keyboard slot.
  • Disassemble the keys, and then rinse them in water and soap (which takes a lot of time). Then dry them.
  • Disinfection keyboard with some dedicated disinfection solution that electronic devices may be use and less harmful to the skin.
  • Some types of disinfection solution to clean computer devices are useful for cleaning bacteria and dust on the machine. Also, give up the habit of eating and work with the computer, by the food crumbs on the keyboard will create good conditions for bacteria and even mold appear.

Cleaning the keyboard regularly and wash hands after use is the way to limit the entry of bacteria into the body, protect your health.

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