Drinking green tea properly

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Green tea is the drink very well, but it is excessive abused also have unexpected side effects. Drinking green tea properly is a simple way to protect health, as well as a great secret for weight loss.

Green tea originated from China and is the traditional drink in many Asian countries. Even in Japan also has its own tea ceremony known as chanoyu. Recently, green tea has been popular in the Western countries.

Drinking green tea properly is good for health

Drinking green tea properly is good for health. (Photo: freedigitalphotos.net)

In addition, green tea is also the main material for processing different types of beverages. Scientists also have many studies to determine the benefits of green tea for health.

Benefits and drinking green tea properly

Drinking green tea properly can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and some cancers. Also, polyphenol and caffeine substances in green tea stimulates fat oxidation, increases the metabolic rate of 4%, suitable for weight loss. Vitamin C in green tea helps reduce excess fat in the body.

Content of Flavonoids in green tea is higher than many other foods or beverages derived from nature, including fresh fruit, juices … flavonoids found in most plant products with health effects as prevent oxidation and cancer.

Drinking green tea properly helps prevent deficiency of Vitamin A, B and C. The vitamin and amino acid in green tea have anti-aging effects. Drinking tea for a long time is good for elderly because it helps longevity and prevents diseases. Therefore, in Japan, people often drink tea will live longer.

Besides, drinking green tea can also help low blood pressure. But you should not abuse drinking green tea against these diseases. Drinking green tea properly helps remove toxins from the body, reduces the potential volume of water, have a diuretic effect. Green tea contains thiamine been proven to be effective in reducing stress.

green tea leaves
Side effects of green tea

Green tea is good but there are side effects to health, but you should note that:

  • Green tea can cause osteoporosis by inhibiting the production of calcium in the body, causing weakened bones due to calcium deficiency.
  • Do not drink green tea when hungry because empty stomach will increase the amount of acid in stomach that causes constipation and nausea.
  • For pregnant women and nursing mothers should not drink green tea because of caffeine. If you drink more, may increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • Green tea contains catechins may reduce the iron in the body leads to anemia. The addition of foods rich in iron and vitamin C is really necessary if you are addicted to drinking green tea.
  • Although green tea contains less caffeine but drinking several times a day can cause diabetes, constipation, insomnia, increased heart rate…
  • To avoid drinking cold tea for cold tea make you generate more mucus.
  • To avoid drinking tea before meals because tea water will dilute your taste.
  • To avoid drinking tea made too long because of the ease of infection and oxidation.
  • Tannic acid in green tea makes protein in foods will be solid, so to avoid drinking green tea right after a meal. You should only take about 30 minutes after a meal is beneficial for health.
  • Do not drink green tea with drugs because tannic acid will affect the effectiveness of drugs.
  • Do not drink green tea to overnight for some vitamins in green tea will decompose when left overnight.
  • Do not drink tea too dense for it will increase the excitement of the body, causing a negative effects on the cardiovascular system and nerves.
  • Do not drink tea before bed: a lot of people cannot fall asleep after drinking tea. This is especially important for people who are incipient to drink tea.

In summary, green tea has the benefits as well as its side effects on health. Drinking green tea properly will improve and enhance your health.

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