How Eating to Avoid Stomach Ache

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There are many different types of food at parties; you should limit overfeed and enhance green vegetables, fruit, filtered water to avoid stomach ache.

Economic development, people’s life is improving; a majority of people in need to go out, travel … and the food is also enhanced. However, many people do not pay attention to how eating problems is good for the stomach, avoid stomach ache. In particular, many people want to eat well, even excess during the holidays, parties …

Reasonable eating to prevent stomach ache

Reasonable eating to prevent stomach ache

Today, the holiday is no longer the most important thing anymore. The dishes were previously only seen in the holidays, but now whenever you can also buy them. Even lots of foreign foods can be bought in supermarkets in the city or rural markets … Therefore, eating too much on the holidays than usual remains a problem that need attention.

Reasonable eating to prevent stomach ache

On finance, holidays are still the day that most families spend a lot of money for drinks, food… “eating into the body, but did not lose”. Eating much food in these days even the normal days, you have to pay attention to your health, avoid eating too much.

Science has proven, not on how much you eat food is the body will digest, absorb this much. For example, one day a man just needs 1.2mg of B1, B2 1.8mg and 75mg of vitamin C is enough, if you eat (or drink) too much, they will be excreted outside in the urine.

For protein, normally an adult needs about 1g/kg body weight; the body will create a Bilan balance. But just eat more 20g of protein a day (equivalent to 100g of lean pork), it would take six days the body can restore nitrogen balance for that addition. Therefore, during the holidays, even if we have to eat much protein the body does not absorb all at once.

Do not eat much, do not get drunk

A party in the holidays is not merely financially wasteful. Eating too much also has a negative impact on health, such as poor digestion, stomach ache

For the elderly and people with heart disease should not eat too full, too many heavy meals, especially at night because then distended stomach, pushing the diaphragm up into cardiac tamponade, heart works hard in that condition prone to serious complications.

For drinks, to be wary of fake brands, the quality is not censorship, of unknown origin. But with wine, beer should also be consumed in a certain extent.

Unlike conventional foods, when drinking, the body is not digesting alcohol which be absorbed quickly. When down to the beginning of the small intestine, 80% of the wine has been absorbed into the bloodstream, to the organs, stimulates the nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular. If drinking more likely to cause vomiting, not to mention serious occurrences as stomach ulcer (a complication of stomach ache), stroke, myocardial infarction, or traffic accidents after drinking alcohol.

To limit digestive problems from eating more food, yogurt is the ideal choice. Yogurt adds probiotics, help support digestive system, accelerate fat metabolism, digestive system freed from the state of “overload” in the parties. In addition, the nutrients in yogurt are often in the form of easily absorbed, help the body get energy supplement.

Noting prevents food poisoning

Eating a lot of food at once can easily lead to food poisoning. Poisoning can be caused by contaminated food pathogenic microorganisms (such as food infected with salmonella, E. coli bacteria, and the microorganisms that cause diseases transmitted from animals to humans as parasites, TB …).

Poisoning can also be caused by molds (fungi) and its toxins, metamorphosed from food, toxic food itself (e.g. eating poisonous mushrooms mixed on edible mushrooms in the wild). It can be caused by chemicals used discretion in processing and preservation of food and plant protection chemicals in vegetables, frozen seafood …

To prevent food poisoning to be effective, needs to eliminate habit of buying too much food to reserve before the ceremony. The food went off, they should be removed immediately.

Also, dishes, cups, spoons, forks, pots and pans are oily sticky, sugar, should be washed with warm water, and let dry place to prevent dust, mold, rats, cockroaches…

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