Is Liposuction a Good Weight Loss Solution?

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Women believe that liposuction will help body is slender, neat, especially weight loss. The scientists believe that this is not a good weight loss solution.

When the number of obese people is increasing, liposuction services become “hot”. With an amount of money to spend is not too much, people who want to lose weight will reduce sizable amount of fat accumulation in the abdomen, thighs … without dieting, strenuous exercise.

Liposuction is really to bring instant neat shape but does it has to be good weight loss solution? Is the back fat after a long time? Through researches, the scientists confirmed the information is not good for this.

Is liposuction effective weight loss solution?

Is liposuction effective weight loss solution? (Photo:

Is liposuction effective weight loss solution?

In many studies, scientists have tracked these women had liposuction in the abdomen and thigh. The result, almost all the fat returned to themselves after a year.

It is noteworthy that the fat does not appear in the position was made; it is distributed in other positions on the body, mostly in the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen around the top. The body has the fat defense mechanisms to ensure the life. If fat is lost by liposuction or strict dieting, your body will temporarily reduce weight but the fat will come back in the future.

As explained by researchers, the fat cells live about 7 years, when a cell dies, another cell that will be formed in its place. The new fat cells generated during the lifetime so whether you have liposuction, new cells are formed again.

However, why did not accumulate fat in place have liposuction? This may be because liposuction destroys the structure under the skin where fat cells settled, so the fat cells will be moved to another position for accumulation, Dr. Samuel Klein, US, said.

Thus, you may find that liposuction is not a lasting weight loss solution. The liposuction has many side effects, even life-threatening due to drop in blood pressure or shocked and liquid fat is sucked out so much.

Weight loss solution is to prevent fat

Although aware of this situation, the women participated in this study still feel happy to get rid of fat by the way. Moreover, some women still stick with liposuction to lose weight after the study ended.

Liposuction is only a temporary solution to help you get slim. It is important that you must have a reasonable diet, exercise scientifically and solutions to prevent fat absorption. Otherwise you will have to spend a large sum of money for liposuction again.

According to research by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Orlistat may help reduce fat absorption. The study was conducted on 1351 obese patients (BMI ≥ 30 kg / m (square)) diet for 4 weeks. They were divided into 2 groups: group A use Orlistat with diet and group B applies only diet. After 52 weeks, the group that uses Orlistat lost more weight than the other group approximately 50%. This active ingredient impacts on the intestinal wall, preventing 30% of fat absorption. Thus, it can help maintain a healthy weight, get in shape ideal.

The information is for reference only, for more details, to be the advice of a doctor.

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