Listening to music helps to reduce stress and meditation

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Listening to music is the most common way to relieve stress. When you listen to soothing music, it will soothe the nerves, reduce stress and relax.

Listen to music while doing daily tasks will help you and those around feel comfortable and love life. Moreover, listening to music while working, eating lunch, exercise or go shopping can help you deflect negative emotions, help the mind ‘pause’ to rest and recuperate. Scientists have shown that classical music can be useful when you need quiet, relaxing; however, you can still listen and sing along with your favorite songs!

Listening to music helps to relieve stress

Listening to music helps to relieve stress

Many studies have shown that, when listening to the appropriate genre will bring you many different benefits like increased memory, increase concentration, help more creativity, reduce stress, increase IQ, and stimulate both left and right brain hemispheres during learning.

Music can reduce stress effectively. No one will deny this at all. Listen to your favorite songs, your mood will become more comfortable and wonderful. That’s because music has a positive effect on the part of the brain controlling emotions and blood pressure. People believed that classical music is one of genres to reduce your stress levels effectively. In addition, you can also listen to other genres such as orchestral, instrumental music, piano … Listen to the music genres such as the sound of running water, the sound of birds … if you want to meditate. However, you can listen any kind of music do you feel fascinating and calming the mind.

When we are listening to music regularity, with rhythm of 60 beats per minute, heart rate, blood pressure and brain waves will relax with the music. The heart rate is slow, decreased blood pressure; reduced beta brainwave while alpha brain waves (suitable for learning and memory) increase. Listening to music makes you go into a state of relaxation but awake (relaxed alertness) – the optimal state for learning and working.

A study is conducted for the students listening to music with the rhythm of 60 beats per minute. After a day of foreign language learning, these students will do a test. The results showed that just one day of study subjects can learn vocabulary to 1000 words which normally must take a semester to learn them. Moreover, the students could to remember 92% of what has been learned.

According to research by McGill University, when you listen to your favorite music, it will make the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain increases the joy, which is like you get when experiencing good food or “desires” as you wish.

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