Methods of Keeping Teeth Strong

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Dental care from the small daily habits is a simple way to keep teeth strong, always white without loss of time and money.

Strong and beautiful teeth will give you a charming smile. Besides, healthy teeth help for activities of daily living easier. However, the care and protection of dental still many people do not care.

There are some tips of dental professionals to help you keep your teeth strong and healthy

1. Brushing 2 times a day after waking up and before going to bed, or after every meal: You should brush gently, focus on clean teeth on the principle of (the first: outside and upper teeth, the second: inside and lower teeth). Brush the outside of the teeth first and then to the inside, brush upper teeth first and then brush lower teeth second. Also, you should clean your tongue for fresh breath; choose soft bristle toothbrush, and replace every 3 months.

2. To use mouthwash: To eliminate bacteria, plaques on your teeth, cause tooth damaged and create an bad smell to the breath. You should use dental floss to clean space between your teeth, maximizing the effectiveness of oral hygiene.

3. Food restrictions easy to stick on teeth: Limiting sweets, soft drinks, coffee and tea to avoid damaging the enamel and makes teeth be dull, unattractive. In addition, people need to eat fruit, vegetables, high-fiber foods, drinking lots of water and make sure to clean your teeth naturally.

4. To see your dentist every 6 months for dental care: Detection of latent diseases as well as dental cleanliness, more beautiful. This is also a way to take care dental effectively.

Methods of keeping teeth strong and healthy.

Methods of keeping teeth strong and healthy.

The small viewing habits usually helps protect teeth are deep reasons causing broken teeth early in many people. Many people only going to dental clinic when their teeth are pain, have a cavity, and not proactive in preventing daily.

Although academic calendar and work daily are stress regularly, you can still take care of your teeth, keep teeth strong. The combined use of dental gum is a simple way and convenience that anyone can perform. Lotte Xylitol chewing gum products containing Xylitol, a natural sweetener extracted from green oak trees and some vegetables to help prevent tooth decay effectively. You should chew Lotte Xylitol after every main meal to prevent tooth decay.

Through the use of the gum products, Lotte Xylitol desire to minimize the number of people who are having problems with tooth decay. Lotte’s products help bring the benefits of protecting the oral health of the community.

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