Office workers are easily spinal Herniated Disc

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Herniated Disc is due to sitting for long time, sedentary during 8-10 hours causing increased pressure on the spine and disc system. It’s also specific characteristics of office jobs.

Medical experts explained, spine acts as a pillar supporting the body. All parts of the human body are associated with the spine directly or indirectly. Spine shape resembles the letter S with two hyperextension sections of the neck and waist combined with the thoracic in chest. Due to the shape was the same with the operation of the disc, spine always helps disperse the forces exerted on the body, reducing concussion to 2 feet in the upright position.

Herniated Disc

The disc is a structure located between two adjacent vertebrae. It is disk-shaped; the outside is a thick and solid fibrous capsule within mucus, almost like egg white. Whenever there is a force exerting on the disc, the water inside will run off with a very fast speed to consume a little force acting on the spine. When there is no force acting on the spine, the water goes back into the disc. In the case of fibrous capsule are torn, the mucus inside will leak out, forming a mass called a herniated mass.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

Symptoms of a herniated disc of the lumbar spine are divided into 4 types: kind of diffuse pain in the lower back without sciatica (highest rate); kind of sudden lumbar pain, lumbar pain and sciatica with numbness or weakness; kind of numbness or weakness without pain.

The lumbar spine Herniated Disc is common. Many doctors in the US found that nearly 70% of their population in adulthood experiencing this problem. Disc herniation is common in older people and objects to hard labor. Nowadays, this disease tends to rejuvenate. In particular, office workers with specific jobs often have to sit long on a seat, sedentary during 8-10 hours at workplace, increasing the pressure on the spine and disc system will be quite high herniated disc.

Not case lumbar herniated disc turns to the disease. About half of all cases have no symptoms at all, the other half often suffer from back pain. For people with lumbar pain, only a few need to see a doctor, the rest usually after a night sleep, waking up stretching and mobilizing several times is normal health. There is few case of sciatica or other manifestations of nerve root compression.

Some researchers believe that the shape of the spinal canal decides who suffered, who are not in the same pain state of herniated disc. People with round spinal canal are the luckiest, the most percentages. People with leaf spinal canal, once disc herniation is available are almost transformed into illness. Therefore, they are advised to see a doctor as soon as possible to treat early and minimize the possibility of more severe disease.

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