Practicing Yoga will help you healthier

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Practicing Yoga regularly, have you ever known Yoga will bring benefits to the body?
To achieve the best effect for your health and improve physique, you should do yoga for about 3 times a week.

Yoga is becoming a favorite sport of many people. Science has demonstrated Yoga has effects to consolidate entire body, reduce stress, increase libido, reduce blood pressure, chronic back pain … You already know the benefits of yoga for health.

Practicing Yoga is good for health

Yoga is becoming a favorite sport of many people. (Photo: freedigitalphotos)

A healthy digestive system is the golden key for good health. According to doctors, stomach plays an important role in regulating the body’s organs; healthy stomach can help blown pimples on the skin, making us not irritable or keep the body off gastrointestinal diseases, even cancer. However, if not taken care of, an unwell stomach would be risk factors lead to illness.

The golden benefits of practicing Yoga:

  • To stabilize blood pressure: Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that people who practise yoga will have more stable blood pressure than those who participate in physical activities such as walking, lifting weights …
  • Good for the heart: Yoga has been known in a long time that it has effect in reducing blood pressure and slow heart rate. Bradycardia may be benefits for people with high blood pressure, people with heart disease and those at risk of stroke.
  • Yoga also helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, developing immune system function better.
  • Improved lung: The Ball State University (India) conducted a study and showed that Hatha yoga practice for 15 weeks can significantly increase lung function.
  • To reduce chronic neck pain: The Journal of Pain published a study of German showed that Iyengar yoga practice (Hatha yoga have a combination by using of props) for 4 weeks will be effective in reducing chronic neck pain intensity in adults.
  • To Improve “marriage life”: The Harvard University conducted a study in 2009 published in a newspaper showed that yoga can increase desire, orgasm… of women in general. Yoga can also improve “marriage life” of women by helping them become familiar with the organ in their body.
  • Less stress, more calm: You may feel less stressed and more relaxed after praticing yoga. Some yoga exercises use meditation techniques. Focus on your breath while practicing yoga will help you to meditate.
  • Reduce anxiety: A study of Boston University in 2010 found that practicing yoga for 12 weeks could help to reduce anxiety because it increased gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels in the brain (low GABA in the brain involved with depressive disorders and anxiety).

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