Preserving food in refrigerator longer and safer

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Preserving food in the refrigerator safely will avoid risk to health. The foods after thawing should not be stored in the freezer again; this will be easily infected. We should not store meat, fish too long in the refrigerator, they will be damaged or loss of appetite.

Currently, most everyone owns a fridge and it became one familiar household appliance in the family. At the time of the festival and holidays, the refrigerator promoted significantly its use. It’s very easy but not sure many people know how to the food stored in the refrigerator for safe and retain adequate nutrition.

Preserving food in refrigerator longer and safer

Preserving food in refrigerator longer and safer

Some notes of preserving food in the refrigerator safely

  • Food is quite smell, it should be wrapped in silver paper or need to put in separate boxes to avoid the smell. Also, we need to clean up meat and fish before stored in the refrigerator and freezing them. The big meat pieces will be stored longer minced meat. Meat is bought from the supermarket should not wash but probably keep the box for storing because regularly it was clean up before packing. If you defrosted meat and fish, the best ways is to use up all meat including fish. This is an important note in preserving food.
  • For poultry products like chicken, after buying them from the supermarket if there is demand, it can be processed immediately and if not, keep the packaging, the sealed box and place in freezer to store. They can be frozen about 7 days, however, the more storage, the loss of meat freshness.
  • For seafood products smelling like fish should be wrapped thoroughly, if not they would cause unpleasant odors. Older ones should be put outer freezer to use before, new foods is inter the freezer. Also, we should labeled to avoid cases of using expired food, may be subdivided into smaller pieces to facilitate the process when you want to eat less. Some foods such as cheese, fish … should be sealed in silver paper.
  • Different foods should be in separate boxes or in plastic to avoid clinging smell each other in the freezer section. Below freezer is the place for foods which just need “cool” temperature like yogurt, pastries …
  • For fruits, after purchasing and cleaning, put each type into plastic bags or box used to preserve food, and then let them in the cool compartment of refrigerator. Besides, the fruits are used to a part as watermelon should be sealed by food covering and put at the bottom compartment of the refrigerator.

Preserving food in refrigerator longer and safer 1

  • Bottom compartment of the refrigerator is dedicated area for vegetables. Before vegetables preservation should remove the damaged parts and leaves and unused portion of carrots, beets, turnips … You can use plastic bags or plastic paper with many small holes to cover be the best.
  • The other foods such as eggs, butter, and jam… just need relative temperature should be able to put on the top of the refrigerator door. The lower section can put bottled beverages, and boxed milk…

Do not leave food in the fridge too long. If left too long, the nutritional content of food will decrease and may cause harm to the health of users. The process of freezing and thawing will lose some nutrients in food. Fish and meat stored in the refrigerator for a certain time and then processing and should not be stored too long.

Preserving food properly, ensure nutrition and freshness will help women be more active, saving time in the processing of culinary delights daily.

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