The Reasons Cause Nausea During Brushing

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Nausea during brushing teeth can be caused by a number of diseases in the oral or respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux, peptic ulcer …

Doctors and medical experts said there are many who experience nausea and vomiting during brushing. This may be a problem of oral health or medical reasons in other organs. Anyway you should not ignore this.

Basically, vomiting is a beneficial reflex for the body to reduce the pressure in the stomach when there is the presence of foreign bodies or stimulation to the throat. If you brush your teeth and you feel nausea and vomiting that lasts for a long time without changing or ascending, maybe you’re having one of the following diseases:

The reasons cause nausea while brushing

The reasons cause nausea during brushing

The reasons cause nausea during brushing

Dental diseases

Brushing will affect the throat stimulates nerve receptors in here, cause nausea and vomiting. Also, some dental diseases such as inflammation around the teeth due to teeth lime, cavities, pulp injuries, the deviations of the wisdom teeth grow (No. 8) … also cause this phenomenon.

Respiratory diseases

Acute or chronic pharyngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, sinusitis, throat tumors and chronic bronchitis cause increased secretion of mucus in the morning. Then, brushing will increase the feeling of nausea.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, pregnancy in women, parasitic infections, tumors of the esophagus, peptic ulcer and pyloric stenosis can also cause nausea during brushing. In addition, there are other symptoms such as belching, heartburn, feeling of tightness in the chest, indigestion, abdominal pain lasting at the part over navel.

Some risk factors

Using stimulants such as smoking, drinking, eating too much and late in the evening, eating tart foods such as spicy seasoning powder, chili, pepper, and lemon. Also, in some cases, the taste of toothpaste can also cause discomfort and nausea during brushing for the user.

The dentist suggested a number of ways overcome the nausea during brushing as follows:

– Changing the type of toothpaste to the type with taste more comfortable.
– Do not use too much toothpaste once.
– Use a soft brush and for oral structure.
– When you are brushing your teeth need to relax, comfortable, breathe through your nose.
– Do not brush too hard and fast.
– Do not put the brush deep into the throat.
– Limit use of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, and coffee.
– Screening all diseases related to oral, respiratory, digestive, if you suffer from this disease you need additional treatment.
– Do not eat too late at night.

After applying all the ways out of that, your situation still is not improved, you should visit at the medical facility with dental specialist. Based on the diagnosis, the dentist will advise solutions to suit each particular case.

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