Short men should be proud of their height

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Man is under 1.7 meters (5.58 feet) (short men) not only lives longer, runs less risk of cancer but also other benefits.

If you are still self-conscious about your height, just make fun for Men’s Health has listed the unexpected benefits of men who have height under 1.7 meters.

Short men

Dwarf is not necessarily bad as it looks. Photo: Telegraph



The work has been published in the journal PLOS One 2014 concluded modest height helps prolong life. Scientists have tracked 8,000 Japanese Americans in 40 years and showed that a big and tall whiskers tend to die sooner. Meanwhile diminutive man carries a special gene that makes them live longer.

Reducing Cancer Risk

A study is conducted 585,000 European citizens in 2014 showed that tall people are at risk of cancer even more. The reason is hormonal and genetic factors increase the height may stimulate cancer growth.

“Love” better

Experts discovered Hungary men tall under 1.75 meters “love” of 2.69 times per week, far more than those who have a superior height. Another study showed that men of Hungary under tall 1.7 meters with their “marriage” lives quality than people who have a height more 1.8 meters. This is what short men should be proud of their height.

Sustainable marriage

According to the 2014 study by the University of New York, men under 1.7 meters have divorce rate less than 37% compared to tall men. “The search for love of lowly men often last longer, so their marriage has a solid foundation”, study author Abigail Weitzman said.

Note, there are many researches have proved too heavy stress will cause you become shorter. So anyway, the most important thing is fun to enjoy life.

For men , those owning modest height do not need envy with rather tall men, because they have been offset by the inestimable advantages, such as in romance.

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