The Consequences of Improper Weight Loss

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Improper weight loss will cause serious consequences to the health and physique of women. When you want to lose weight you should learn the methods or the advices of professionals, doctors …

Here are the consequences of improper weight loss that women or obese people should refer to it can be prevented effectively.

The consequences of improper weight loss

The consequences of improper weight loss

The consequences of improper weight loss

Affected skin

To get beautiful skin, healthy you need a reasonable diet and regular exercise. Skin is not getting enough of the vitamin, protein, fatty acids by eating unreasonable while losing weight will make the skin becomes wrinkled, discoloration, acne appears on face or dark pigmentation due to lack of water.

Reduced memory

Fat contributes to the operation of the brain. Therefore, improper weight loss will affect the amount of fat needed for brain. Activity of the brain will be affected because of this, leading to memory loss, amnesia is typical. Therefore, women or obese people should lose weight properly, not fasting; you can eat the foods that contain natural fats (salmon, tuna …).


Infertility is considered as one of the consequences of improper weight loss. Some studies show that women with very low body weight often have a higher risk of infertility than women with obesity because of hormones which produced estrogen is reduced, leading to less risk of pregnancy. Therefore, when you lose weight you should not be fasting too long, leading to rapid weight loss.

Weakened immune system

The body will be deficient essential nutrients when you lose weight. It will cause a weakened immune system, lower resistance. Therefore, the body is attacked easily by harmful bacteria, capable of high disease and when you are ill, your recovery time is usually very long.

Hair loss

Lack of protein is one of the reasons that the hair brittle and fall out more. This problem is common in people who abuse the diet, do not eat fish lead to severe protein deficiency.

Food addiction

Many cases will eat more after dieting for a long time, this can lead to obesity, which affects the stomach as well as a number of gastrointestinal diseases.

Affected bust

Bust which contains big amount of fat tissue. Therefore, to get a round bust and vibrant, you need a adequate and reasonable diet. Improper weight loss will reduce the amount of fat tissue, leading to diminished bust.

To have a healthy body as well as beautiful shape, women who should consider carefully before applying methods to lose weight. This will help overcome the consequences of improper weight loss and help the body stay healthy.

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