The signs to identify stomach ache

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Stomach ache is pain status originating from gastric lesions and can cause serious complications for human health. Therefore, you need to identify early signs of disease to diagnose and treat promptly.

People who are often stay up late or drink more wine will be stomach ache. There are many signs to help you recognize a stomach ache to be treated promptly.

The signs to identify stomach ache

The signs to identify stomach ache. (Photo:

The signs to identify stomach ache

Picky eater: People are stomach pain usually have expression of eating very little, pale skin, easy weight loss for damaged digestive system makes it difficult to digest food, leading to bloating, distension and poor appetite.

Heartburn and belching: When you have stomach pain, spasm with gastric acidity increases, gastric juice was reflux, causing heartburn and belching. This creates a feeling of discomfort, painful and bitter in the throat. Also, it also makes chewing and swallowing are problems, raucous, sometimes suffocation.

Epigastric pain: This occurs when the lining of the stomach is irritated by the increase of gastric juice acid in the stomach pain. This sign may appear when you are hungry or eating too much with dull pain, abdomen pain, burning, discomfort in the area above the navel and below the breastbone.

Nausea and vomiting: The stomach pain usually has nausea or vomiting after meals. For a full meal, the stomach will swell and stimulates acid secretion, causing pain and making the digestive system less active. This leads to food being left stagnant in the stomach, reflux and vomiting up.

Gastrointestinal bleeding: Stomach pain makes stomach lining are damaged, worn by excess acidity, long time may cause cracking, slither and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and then escape through the mouth and down the anus. So, people who are stomach ache often have expression of vomiting bright red blood, black blood or black bloody stools.

What to do when having stomach ache

When you are stomach pain you should avoid eating onions, garlic, beans, celery, cabbage, bananas, raisins, basil … Do not drink too much coffee and milk. Avoid foods and drinks contain too much sorbitol (this is the type of sugar used in diet soft drinks), gum or too much fructose (as in honey and some fruits). Patients should eat more vegetables; drink plenty of water especially for people were diarrhea and constipation.

Do not eat foods which have too much spices, sour, spicy and eat too full; you should carefully chew, swallow slowly. Eat soft foods, digestible, nutritious and alkalis because this substance has saturation effects of acid in the stomach. Also, people have stomach pain must to keep the happy spirit, creating good habits in daily life. Besides, you should not work too tired, stress, smoking and drinking. So, you can avoid more serious condition.

If colitis patients suffer constipation should eat high in fiber foods, eat more fruits and vegetables; people have diarrhea should limit snacks like fresh fruit, juice. Choose high in omega 3 foods such as fish. Do not use foods made from milk and reduce the amount of alcohol or coffee.

But the best, if there are any signs of abdominal pain that you are concerned, see your doctor immediately to be diagnosed accurately and provide the best treatment.


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