The surprising secrets of sleepwalking

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A nurse does not has any ability about painting painted art masterpieces; others climb to crane at 40m height to sleep; even people who are “doing it” while… sleepwalking.

The horror sleepwalking

Once, at about 1:30 am, firefighters in southeast London of England received the report, a 15 year old girl intended to suicide when she climbed to crane at 40m height. But when firefighters come to help, they discovered she was sleeping on concrete block in a crane. When she woke up, she could not remember why she was there.

The sleepwalker can go on the narrow edge of the roof

On May 2009, a sleepwalking girl went through her bedroom window at floor 2. Falling from a height of 7 meters and a half on the ground, fortunately the girl was still conscious to call people to help before unconscious. People were not out of the shock after spectacular sleepwalking, doctors have gawked at x-ray shooting when it shows the girl did not break any bones. The next day, she woke up healthily.

Sleepwalking on the roof

Sleepwalking on the roof

Kenneth Parks, 23 years old, who lives in Toronto, getting insomnia for involved in many big debts. One day in 1987, Parks was sleepwalking, got up from the bed, driving a distance of 23 km to the mother-in-law. In a bout of unconsciousness, Parks beat her to death and also attacked father-in-law. Thankfully his father was still alive. When arrested by the police, Parks did not even remember anything. Based on the testimonies, and history of somnambulism and other factors, Parks got away with murder.

In 2004, experts of sedative treated successful for an extremely rare case, a woman who always sleep with strange men while sleepwalking.

By nightfall, the middle-aged Australian women began sleepwalking, leave home and “do it” with strange men. This incident took place in the months and she does not know anything about her nocturnal activities. Until her boyfriend started looking in a night as she disappeared and all that was revealed from it. The doctors concluded that her actions entirely a phenomenon of sleepwalking and helped her successfully treated her strange illness.

Unleashing the potential of sleep

Robert Wood, a 55-year-old chef from Glenrothes, Fife, UK suffers from sleepwalking for 40 years. He awoke as the sleeping for 4-5 times a week and went into the kitchen to prepare dishes such as fried eggs, stir-fries, potato chips … He said that a sore in the intestine may be the cause of his illness because it made him unable to eat, and at nightfall the hunger dragged him into the kitchen.

One in every ten has a sleepwalker

Expert on sleep, Irshaad Ebrahim, said that in their sleep one can drive or ride a horse without knowing anything. Some people even try to drive a helicopter. “Statistics show that one in every ten people who had been sleepwalking at least once in their lifetime. Their sleepwalking often did not last long and is not dangerous, but sometimes can lead to injury” he said.

The research work of the scientists and observers for the walking and sleeping have shown it is operating mechanisms and ancient motion instinct that our ancestors are apes handed down. For example, people are sleepwalking breaking fingers curling and bend the foot inward.

Walking and sleeping

Walking and sleeping

No drug or medical technology can cure sleepwalking. Scientists believe that stress is the main factor for the disease to appear. One can become a sleepwalker if their sleep was interrupted regularly 3-4 times a night, or if they talk in their sleep.

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