The taller men are more susceptible testicular cancer

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 (0 Comment)

The US National Cancer Institute recently published a study showing the height of men will be proportion to the risk of testicular cancer.

The contents of the study were published in the British Journal of Cancer. After analyzing data from more than 10,000 men collected from 13 different studies on testicular cancer in a decade, the US experts discovered that for every 5 cm higher than the height of average, the risk of testicular cancer of men will increase to 13%.

Testicular cancer in tall men

The taller men, the risk of testicular cancer increases.


Expert group also did not detect any correlation between weight and risk for disease.

However, experts also emphasized that the risk of cancer is very low, just 1/210 proportion in the UK. So even the British men whose height exceed the national average height (1m75), the risk is still relatively low.

Until now, the researchers at the US National Cancer Institute has not yet figured out why there is consensual between height and the risk of testicular cancer on men. They said that other factors, such as family history brings higher risk.

According to the British Journal of Cancer, there is less than 2,000 cases of testicular cancer every year in this country, just take 1% of all male cancer.

Sara Hiom, Director of health information of the Agency of Cancer Research UK, reassuring: “Tall men should not feel alert for the study, because of less than 4 of 100 testicular tumors is real cancer … In addition, the prospects for treatment of testicular cancer are rated among the best compared to other cancers. Even when the disease has progressed, the patient still has can be cured “.

However, Ms Hiom warned: “Anyway, men mind of any changes in the size and weight of their testicles are very important. They should not postpone the medical check if they feel nervous. This is especially necessary for young men as the disease is more common for men under 35 years old “.

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