Top 15 Bad Habits Affect Health

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Eating habits and healthy living are better for your body, but you should also be aware of bad habits affect health.

Health is priceless and maintaining good health is not easy. Daily habits will affect health significantly. Here is some bad habits affect health that you should avoid.

Bad habits affect health

Bad habits affect health

Bad habits affect health

1. Skip breakfast

Those who do not eat breakfast that they usually eat no rules so they are easy to feel tired, dizziness, and without energy. In the long run, it will cause malnutrition, anemia, low resistance and can cause diseases in the bile and pancreatic.

2. Life stress

For those who worked more or business, the brain always has to shoulder burdensome responsibilities and frequent thoughts. The higher the level of competition, the more their psychoactive endured enormous pressure.

3. Bedtime without brushing

Brushing before bed is more important than brushing after waking up. That is because the leftovers, remaining bacteria on the teeth and dental throughout the night will corrode teeth very fast and strong.

4. Bedtime without washing your face

If you do not wash cosmetics and dirt on the face they will cause acne, skin allergies, dermatitis, inflammation of the eyes and trachoma.

5. Procumbent

Curved spine, increased pressure of ligaments and muscles, making our body has not rested during sleep. It also increased the pressure on the lungs, heart, chest, face, causing swelling of the face; in the eyes appear red blood veins after waking up.

6. Head falling down to nap

Some people wake up after falling asleep on the table felt the first symptom appears blurry eyes at once. The reason is that the eyeball pinched as the curvature of the cornea changes. If you sleep in this way every day, the long term vision will be hurt.

7. Hold in pee

If you try holding in pee will cause acute cystitis, symptoms appear as abdominal distension, urinary discomfort. When stagnant urine will cause inflammation and the gravel, the more serious will affect kidney function.

8. Squinting and rubbing your eyes

Squinting causes wrinkles in the eyes. Squinting habit can make muscles of the eye get tired, headaches and dizziness. When rubbing your eyes, the bacteria will spread from the hands to the eyes, causing swelling and inflammation of the eyes, eyelashes fall out.

9. Long beard

Beard and hair can absorb harmful substances. So when we breathe, the harmful substances that had been absorbed by beard will be able to follow them into the respiratory tract.

10. Eating too salty

Too salty foods tend to have more sodium. Sodium remains in the body easily formed and more serious as heart disease and hypertension.

11. Going to sleep right after eating

Going to sleep right after eating will make the blood in the brain flows to stomach. Due to lowering blood pressure that the oxygen supply to the brain is compromised, create fatigue after meals, easy to cause canker sore or bad digestion, and prone to obesity.

12. Folding blankets after waking up immediately

We ourselves are also a source of pollution. After waking up, After waking up, if you fold blanket immediately will make the blanket gets wet and contaminated by chemicals excreted by the body.

13. Sitting cross-legged

Sitting cross-legged will make it hard for blood to flow. If the people with arthritis, venous tumor, nerve pain, hematoma, then cross your legs makes more serious the diseases, especially those with long legs and pregnant women, are vulnerable vein occlusion.

14. Eating sweets when you are hungry

Numerous studies have demonstrated, hobbyists eat sweet foods when hungry, the longer the amount of protein that the body can absorb declining. Since protein is the basic source of nutrients that the body lacks protein will become sick, declining life expectancy.

15. Wake up late

Waking up late will lead to cortical functions are controlled. Doing so will cause hinder brain function, memory decline, immunodeficiency, circadian rhythm disorders, makes people lazy, sluggish. Also, this is also not conducive to the urinary system, joints and muscles.

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