Walking properly to take effect

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Walking properly is good for health. Walking is the simplest way that everyone could do and it will bring many positive effects as well as improved health.

A study was conducted in the US lasted for 3 years with more 200 people over age 40 participated that have demonstrated the benefits of walking for cardiovascular disease. They divided 200 people into two groups A and B. Group A, who walk about 4.2km every day, group B does not walk. After 3 years of follow-up was for the results, group A with mortality and myocardial infarction rate was 60%, lower than B group.

Walking properly helps to improve health for everyone

Walking properly helps to improve health for everyone

This showed that walking is the best sport for older people to have good health. But how walking is properly to take effect? According to health experts, people over 40 years old should walk 5 times / week, 3 km for 30 minutes.

Walking is a physical activity suitable for everyone (from children to the elderly, the sick, the healthy, the pregnancy …). Walking properly will have many benefits, it is also easily done, can go anytime you have time or when you are tired and stressed. Basically, all the movements are helping blood circulation. In addition, walking is the sport which is options of obese people. Depending on the health status of each person, we can choose to walk accordingly (not necessarily daily).

Benefits of walking:

  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage).
  • Prevent osteoporosis, helps bones stronger and improves balance.
  • Prevent sore joints and muscles, improving muscle endurance and stamina pressure.
  • Improve digestion, helps delicious and prevent constipation.
  • Enhanced metabolism and prevent high cholesterol diseases, reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes, weight loss and prevent obesity and reduce stress.
  • Increased resistance, reduce the risk of cancer such as breast cancer, uterine, prostate and colon cancer.
  • Anti-aging, brain atrophy and prevent memory impairment in the elderly.
  • Prevent sedentary habits of recent youth.
  • Adding Vitamin D3 for the body (to take the sun about 10 minutes the body will produce 10,000 UI).

How walking is properly:

Walking properly is depending on how to walk and the different benefits:

  1. Pregnant woman should go slow, moderate step no exertion. Time to walk is 30 minutes each day. If it’s difficult, can be divided into 2 times which would be beneficial to mother and child.
  2. For obese people, walk with the goal of losing weight should go more than 30 minutes per day. Also, you should just go slowly to avoid the risk of arthritis, burning fatter.
  3. For children, walking will give them the self-training routine helps blood circulation, muscles firmer, more receptive to learning. The body is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D3 created against rickets.
  4. Walking fast in the afternoon will help you get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, many reviews also said that walking increases hormone serotonin to help you relax… But you should not walk for two hours before bed because it was too late for the body to rest.
  5. Walking environment needs fresh air and no direct sunshine. Do not go in the early morning or late evening. Walking properly time is from 6am – 10am and 16pm – 18pm. For the elderly, walking time is appropriate after 7am and after 4pm. Normal people walk up to 60 minutes, 5 km/day.
  6. Choose the sport suits most comfortable when you walk.
  7. Drink plenty of water after your walk.
  8. Time to walk should be fixed daily but should also change the location to walk regularly.
  9. Checking regularly health is to ensure efficient when walking.


  • Some cases do not walk such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, eyes pain, severe headaches, disc herniation …
  • When walking should not talk, too much thoughts, focus on your breathing and walking.
  • If you carry water, you can put in pocket within the shoulder strap.
  • Do not take other one’s hand during walking.

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