What do elderly need to do to prevent osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis is very common in the elderly. There are many causes of osteoporosis in the elderly. Be self-help build strong and healthy bones.

Most elderly people are experiencing osteoarthritis pain condition, difficulties and inconveniences in daily activities, reducing their quality of life. So, how to prevent osteoporosis and consolidate bone health to the most effective way?

What you should know about osteoporosis

What you should know about osteoporosis

What you should know about osteoporosis

Weak bones and limitations in life

According to estimates by scientists, by 2050, the number of elderly women with diseases of bones and joints, especially osteoporosis will increase while the number of men with the disease is much lower than women. In addition, the prolonged disease can lead to pain, fracture, cause fatigue, poor diet, impaired absorption and body weakening.

Based on the study, this is a disease was ranked second after cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. This is also a life-threatening disease of them.

Osteoporosis is the mineral density of bones impaired and compromised bone structure significantly, while the protein, calcium and Vitamin D play an important role. Many studies indicated that a daily diet does not provide enough calcium, or the body does not absorb calcium as poor diet, poor quality or prolonged dieting can lead to osteoporosis.

Some symptoms of osteoporosis, such as bone pain, back pain, joint pain in the ankle, spine, knee joints, forearm, lumbar vertebrae, and susceptible to fracture due to tripping…

The important thing is the status of osteoporosis in the elderly often leads to inconveniences in daily activities such as walking, exercise and perform light works. This is not only adversely affects operational capability of the patient but also limit the extent of their interaction with the community when they are in ages needed relaxation and relief.

Solutions to avoid osteoporosis and strengthen bones

Apart from periodic health examination to control the risk of osteoporosis, the elderly can refer some effective solution follows:

To supplement the nutrients needed for bone include calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Calcium is the main component constitutes bones; Phosphorus helps support the balance between vitamins and other minerals in the process of bone absorption. Vitamin D helps optimize stability, balance of calcium, phosphorus in the blood and other organs.

Only calcium supplement is not the right choice for the elderly. According to the study, the percentage balance between calcium – phosphorus – Vitamin D is triangular protection helps the elderly have strong bones.

Therefore, the elderly should drink 2 cups of milk with calcium – phosphorus – Vitamin D with the percentage balance. In addition, elderly people need to use foods which are good for bone as yogurt, cheese, salmon, orange juice and cereals.

Avoid eating foods that are high in salt is bad for bones as canned soups and processed meats. Caffeine may reduce calcium absorption in the body. This only happens when elderly people drank more than 3 cups of coffee per day. Alcoholism also leads to decreased bone density.

Apply the exercises which are good for bones such as walking, jogging, playing tennis or whole body movement.

When experiencing a problem of osteoarthritis, needs to be examined and the advice of a doctor. Early detection and treatment from the beginning will bring much more effective for the prevention of osteoporosis.

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