Air Cooler – Alternative for Air Conditioner

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Air cooler is cheaper, uses less power, but cooling capacity is lower than the air conditioner. This conditioning fan is used in many tropical countries in the world.

On hot days, air cooler becomes one of the products looked for a lot by consumers. This is a cooling fan with steam. This can be considered as an alternative to air conditioning.

Cooling principle of this conditioning fan is quite similar with misting fans, steam fan, which is cooled by water vapor. If it is a misting fan, you can see the steam, air cooler has improvements significantly.  It also spread moisture into the air, but better on the moisture and no dew formation.

Air Cooler - Alternative for Air Conditioner

Air Cooler – Alternative for Air Conditioner

There is a cooling plate inside, a pump and fan system with motor is specially designed, helping to suck the hot air from the outside environment. Pump will be used to pump water to wet cooling plate, so that when air passes through the cooling plate will be absorbing heat, lower the temperature of the air. Then cold air is blown out to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment.

The comparison between air cooler and air conditioner

Operating principle

Air cooler: Using steam, the heat transfer in the evaporator between the air and water.

Air conditioner: Using gas (R22, R410A and R32)

Cost of installation and maintenance

Costs for initial purchase and installation of air cooler are cheaper, only about 1/4 compared to air conditioner with air flow at the same rate. Maintenance cost of this conditioning fan is also cheaper; especially not have to spend money for gas load.

Power consumption

Air cooler uses less power, only about 1/4 – 1/5 of the air conditioner with the same speed and air flow.


Air cooler is movable. Fans with wheel, you can easily move from room to another room. You can put a fan in the indoor or outdoor, just need electrical outlets.

Air conditioner included installing a cooling block indoor and an outdoor unit, requires a small drainpipe. Air conditioner needs a fixed installation, use only in closed rooms, not outdoors.

Cooling capacity

Air conditioner with better cooling capacity, cooled by gas. The temperature at the vents of air conditioner could be at 8-9 degrees Celsius, the level used is 10-12 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at the vents of air cooler is lower air outside a few degrees, cold blowing out steam.

In addition, air cooler cannot cool air throughout the room as the air conditioner.


This depends a lot on the manufacturer as well as the proper use of consumers.

Safety level

Air conditioner is safer due to moisture absorption in the air, making the air to be dry, clean, but also has the drawback is easy to dry out the skin.

Meanwhile, air cooler sprays moisture into the air. So, it easily causes air contamination and unsafe on electronic devices and food.

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