What are the first seven jobs in your life?

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First seven jobs were initiated by the world’s top businesses through keyword #firstsevenjobs, share trend “first seven jobs” has created much inspiration for young people on the path of entrepreneurship.

The billionaire and owner of Virgin Group, Richard Branson shared that he used to sell Christmas trees and sell the magazines at age 10. Meanwhile, the billionaire who is causing “hot” in the technology field today – Elon Musk – at age 12 has programmed the game to make money. And one of the world’s top billionaires – Warren Buffett – who sold chewing-gum at home at the age of 6 years.

Those are the three of the stars, billionaires, CEO of leading corporations and influential people … have supported the trend which is the biggest attraction on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, through keywords hashtag #firstsevenjobs and #first7jobs.

One of the astronauts who landed on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, he was also enthusiastic about the “first seven job” on the Twitter. Helpers, scouts, fighter pilots, astronauts, the commander, the spokesman, authors … have participated in this trend.

A 10-year-old boy sold ice cream at the lake, farm mate, baking and then to drive a tank, and personal trainer of bodybuilding… are the jobs of the former Mayor of California (USA) and actor “muscle” Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“First seven jobs” spread not intended polishing for “All applications” (CV), this interesting trend is shared to inspire young people, encouraging to develop their passions in any job instead. It will be the stepping stone for future success.

What are the first seven jobs in your life?

What are the first seven jobs in your life?

In addition to the funny contents, viewing the shares of successful people, you may feel that there is no specific formula for successful work later compared to the original start. They have jobs not related to what they’re doing now or holding position. The shares are the lessons about the will to overcome difficulties, professional respect even though in any position in the chain of operations, nurture passion and enthusiasm for the job ahead.

Almost business men, business women and community networks using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… to share their “first seven jobs ” as brief recollection about making the first coins as “grocery clerk”, “tutor”, “waiters “…

As for you, what are your first seven jobs and funny stories come with those jobs?

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