Japanese Cuisine – Fresh Food

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Japanese cuisine has always focused on freshness of ingredients and meticulous layout, helping Japanese dishes chosen by many people in the hot summer days.

Summer weather is uncomfortable not only make people afraid of cooking in the kitchen, but also affect the taste makes eating unpalatable. Therefore, many families come to the Japanese restaurants for delicious and nutritious meals.

Japanese Cuisine - Fresh Food

Japanese Cuisine – Fresh Food

If Thai food is famous for spices, Chinese dishes are mostly fried oily, European dishes with cheese and sugar, Japanese cuisine focuses on fresh and healthy ingredients. The dishes are decorated meticulous but easy processing. Japanese thorough calculations per serving ensure nutritional balance factor and appetite. A regular meal of Japanese includes a bowl of rice, some seafood as grilled fish or sashimi, a small cup of soybeans soup and vegetables.

Japanese cuisine – the pride of the Japanese

To strengthen resistance

Summer is also the time to get sick in a year. Many diseases such as flu, viral fever, gastrointestinal disease, respiratory disease… spread quickly, while hot weather causes reduced resistance. Therefore, in addition to drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and maintaining a scientific diet are also necessary.

Japanese dishes with mainly ingredients are seafood, fresh vegetables and natural spices just help control appetite feeling and good for health. Nutrients and vitamins from these foods will not only help improve the body’s resistance, but also work to support healthy digestive system, helps smooth skin.

Japanese cuisine is the diversity and plenty of the dishes

Japanese cuisine has many famous dishes such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, udon noodles, soba … For sushi, there are hundreds of different types depending ingredients such as crab roe, tuna, salmon, shrimp , avocado, corn … The noodles, soup and Bento rice are equally as diverse. Crispy Tempura served with a cool bowl of noodles will feel great in the summer.

Japanese Cuisine - Fresh Food
With the diversity and richness of the Japanese cuisine, you can change the menu every day at a restaurant instead of worrying going to many different addresses to change daily meals.

Suitable for all ages

No hard to eat like Indian food, Thai food, Japanese food is suitable for many ages. Japanese restaurant is the appropriate choice if you want to take the whole family to eat. Older people, including children, can enjoy sushi, sashimi and bento rice, grilled fish, steamed fish, hot soup or rice cooked with eel and chicken…

Japanese restaurants are airy

Japanese food is not only delicious but the Japanese restaurant was also very comfortable in space. Not noisy as the hot pot restaurant, not a lot of smoke and the smell of food as the grill restaurants, a Japanese restaurant, it always seems courteous as the character of the Japanese people.

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