Three Benefits When Air Conditioner Combined with Ceiling Fan

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Besides the possibility of air conditioning, the combination of air conditioner in the average temperature and ceiling fan will help save energy and protect the health.

Hot weather lasted several days greatly affect the lives of people around the country. Whether air conditioner is becoming increasingly popular, the electric fan is still considered an essential item for every family. The use of electric fans, ceiling fans, especially air conditioner combined with ceiling fans also brought many benefits for each family.

Three Benefits When Air Conditioner Combined with Ceiling Fan

Three Benefits When Air Conditioner Combined with Ceiling Fan

Three Benefits When Air Conditioner Combined with Ceiling Fan

The combination of the two appliances is one of the options for cooling efficiency today.

Ability to better air circulation

A ceiling fan will help cool air created by air conditioning spread faster, and evenly distributed throughout. Through this way, a ceiling fan will help speed up the process of decreasing temperature of heat air as well as helping the air to circulate better. That is the cooling mechanism of ceiling fan – created the flow of air in the room. The movement of the air will affect the skin and dissipate heat, creating the feeling cool and more comfortable.

The advantages of using this way

Energy savings, cost savings

According to the calculations of experts, the use of ceiling fans in combination with air conditioner will help save up to 40% power consumption. Besides, when the ceiling fan is used, the duration of use of the air conditioner will decrease, making the room quickly achieve the desired cooling. Therefore, the amount of power consumed for cooling operations will be reduced correspondingly.

Also, by ceiling fans makes air flows will create more cool feeling, instead of holding conditioning at 20-22 degrees Celsius at hot times, users simply turn on the air conditioning in the 26- 28 degrees C is able to assure cooling needs. With using this way will greatly help reduce power consumption and increase the life of the air conditioner.

Health protection for users

Cold and dry air flow emanating from conditioning may be the cause of the phenomenon of dry skin, sore throat or allergy symptoms. In case you adjust temperature of the air conditioner too low can cause rhinitis or cold for children. The use of air conditioning at moderate temperature and combined with a ceiling fan will help you and your family avoid this risk.

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