Why Is Traditional Japanese Bedroom Without Bed

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Japan is a developed and modern country. Not only with a diverse culture, traditional Japanese bedroom is also very special.

Many families in major cities in Japanese are still experiencing bedroom on the floor with cushions and blankets instead of using the bed.

When you first visit and stay overnight at a Japanese home, you may be worried when you saw the room without bed. That’s because the families still use the traditional bedrooms with blankets (in Japanese: futon) spread on the floor. During the day, the futon will be shelved.

Not only for the small houses, the families have big houses can also enjoy traditional bedrooms.

For many people coming from Europe and the US, sleeping on the floor brings the uncomfortable feeling. However, if you experience a night, you will see this type is completely comfortable.

Why is traditional Japanese bedroom without bed?

Why is traditional Japanese bedroom without bed?

The traditional Japanese bedroom is without bed

For Japanese-style bedroom, mat covers every floor. When to sleep, the host will take out thin and light cushions, blankets and pillows in the closet. The cushions are not too thick in Japan, it is usually about 15 cm. Pillows are also quite special with the smaller size; there are a lot of plastic tubes inside. At first, you will feel that pillow is pretty hard, not smooth like the type familiar stuffed pillows but this is beneficial for the neck, your neck.

Currently, the beds are common in Japan, but many families still prefer to have a traditional room.

The advantages of sleeping on the floor in Japanese style:

– Make use of the space: Traditional Japanese bedroom can be used in many other purposes as there is nothing on the floor. It could be a child’s play room, seat to chat…

– Ensure safe: If you have young children, you will not be worry that your baby will be accidentally rolled off the bed, and hit to the bed.

– The more open: When you lie directly on the floor, you will feel that the ceiling is higher. If there is no bed, available floor area is wider.

– Comfortable, quiet: Many people are afraid not sleep well because the fabric covered blankets and cushions is usually 100% of cotton. You try to sleep one night and will feel very comfortable, no back pain. If you feel cold, in the cabinet of Japanese family always have extra blankets.

– Easily add places to sleep: When guest visit, you cannot buy a bed. But you will easily take extra blankets if needed.

– Cheap cost: You just need to buy a product package includes cushion, blanket and pillow without expensive shopping beds.

Besides, this type of bedroom has its disadvantages:

– Mats of Japanese are not covered, you will take a long time to clean up.

– You have to spend time taking blankets at night and put them into the closet in the daytime.

– The rooms must have large closets for storage of all the cushions, blankets and pillows.

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