10 Basic Rules for Those Who Want to Lose Weight

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People who are overweight have always wanted to lose weight quickly to get a standards body. Losing weight is not difficult, but how to apply it is not everyone knows.

When you want to lose weight, you should not break the rules that experts or yourself posed. If you do so, the weight loss will have a significant effect.

10 basic rules for those who want to lose weight

10 basic rules for those who want to lose weight

Here are some basic rules that people want to lose weight should know:

1. Determine whether you are really overweight: take 2 actions

a) Calculate body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height (square) (m), if BMI > 25 is overweight.

b) Determine the required weight that fit the height and shape (bones): Take the index R = height (cm) / wrist (cm).

For men: Small figure if R ≥ 10.5, medium figure if R = 9.6-10.4, R ≤ 9.5 is big figure. Therefore, the required weight for small figure is 20-21.9 times (square) by height, medium figure = 22-23.9 times (square) by height and big figure is 24-25.9 height squared.

For women: Tiny figure if R ≥ 11.1, medium figure if R = 10.1-11, big figure if R ≤ 10. The required weight for small figure = 19-20 times (square) by height, medium figure = 21-22.9 times (square) by height and and big figure is 23-24.9 height squared.

2. Increase the number of meals from three meals to 4-5 small meals: You should not skip any meal because you will feel hungry for the next meal and eat more than the previous meal. Never leave an empty stomach, but also never overfeed.

3. Eat foods are high in fiber: Eating brown rice (instead of white rice), eat about 1/2 kg of vegetables per day, of which half is green leafy vegetables (the dark green the better), the other half is the tubers and fruits with different colors such as red, yellow.

4. Apply two rules of the “biological clock”

The first is you want to eat more, you should focus on the breakfast because there will be time to consume the amount of food; lunch, eat moderately; last day is to eat less. The second is in the afternoon, you should not eat a lot of fat, if do not be consumed, they will be accumulated!

5. You do not want the obese body, you should limit the fat, do not eat more than two tablespoons/day; used cooking oil (or butter instead of fat), reducing fat consumption by: using nonfat dry milk (instead of full cream milk), select lean meat (avoid fatty meat), chicken, duck without the skin (because the skin is very fatty) …

6. Need to increase physical activities: As take a walk, cycling, rhythmic exercise, swimming … about half an hour to 1 hour per day. You need to organize your daily activities in a natural way as face wash, brush your teeth, wash your hands…

7. Do not drink soft drinks, eating chocolates, cakes, sweets made of flour and refined sugar. If you crave the sweet, use Aspartame “sugar” instead, this substance is sweet like sugar, but is not sugar and no calories at all.

8. Separate nutrients “same” which is easy weight gain: Do not eat together in a meal, a protein-rich food (such as beef steak), comes with a carbohydrate-rich foods and fat (such as potato chips). If you want to eat steak, you just served with salad and tomato. When you crave potatoes you only eat this dish.

9. Allow enough time for each meal, about half an hour: Avoid rush, every meal, chew slowly – over 10 times every morsel of food – to enjoy to the ends of the taste of the dish.

10. Distinguish “friends” and “enemies” of life:

Friends: harmonious lifestyle, eat a variety of vegetables, fresh fruits, plenty of water, less sweet, fish, lean meat, tofu, skim milk, purified water. Comfort eating to fight against hunger. Eating clean foods, drinking boiled water (green tea, artichokes tea…). Fitness, sports, and Yoga.

Enemies: eating fast, wine, soft drinks, tobacco, sugar, sweets, cakes, ice cream, fatty meats, chocolate …

Those are the basic rules to help you lose weight effectively. You can apply more weight loss methods that you know.

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