Are seaweed’s nutritional values really good?

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Seaweed is plant living in the sea, belong to the sea algae. Seaweed is food which is high in nutrients. The studies show that Japan is a country that uses seaweed oldest in the world. There are some seaweed’s nutritional values.

Seaweed is considered as typical dish of Asian. But now, seaweed has been widely popular in countries such as New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland… and the American coastal countries. Seaweed is a nutrient-rich food. Also, seaweed is also considered food creates flexible, healthy physical and spirit for human.

Seaweed's nutritional values

Seaweed’s nutritional values

Currently, Japan and Korea are the most two countries produce and use seaweed in the world. So, mention the seaweed was thought to Japan and Korea.

The seaweed’s nutritional values

In Japanese cuisine, seaweed is divided into four main kinds: pieces of nori seaweed, kombu seaweed, Tengusa kelp and Wakame seaweed.

Seaweed is a food supply abundant minerals, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin B2 (in vegetables, meat, fish, and milk). Analysis of nutritional components of seaweed showed higher levels of vitamin A in seaweed is approximately 2-3 times more than of carrots, calcium is about 3 times more than cow milk; Vitamin B2 is 4 times more than eggs. The seaweed’s nutritional values have proven by nutritionists.

Good for the digestive system and reduce blood cholesterol

  • Alkane Alga mannitol in seaweed is a kind of low calorie sugar, nourishing effect of beneficial bacteria for the intestine; help digest food faster and remove the remaining residue in the intestine, increases absorption of calcium. Seaweed contains rich amount of minerals. Fertile Clement is one of the most important components in the seaweed. The substance helps to regulate the flow of blood, detoxify, and remove impurities in the body. Foods rich in cholesterol will cause obesity. Seaweed should also be considered as food for weight loss.
  • So, seaweed becomes food to prevent constipation and promote excretion effectively; restrict the intestinal, rectum and colon cancer.

Cancer prevention

  • Additionally, the seaweed also has high content of lignans, plant compounds help prevent cancer cells. Lignans also prevent estrogen synthesis in cells. The synthesis of estrogen too much is also to cause breast cancer in women.
  • A study by Harvard University showed that Japanese often eat seaweed so that the rate of breast cancer was significantly reduced.

Health enhancement and prevention of heart disease

  • Seaweed contains a high content of iodine. This is essential substance of thyroid hormones which are necessary for the human body. Sign of lack of iodine in the thyroid gland is goiter. The fibers from brown algae are also effective in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke.
  • Scientists have demonstrated Folic acid has very much in seaweed. This substance works to prevent birth defects include poliomyelitis in children. Therefore, the addition of seaweed for the family meal is absolutely necessary. Besides, seaweed also works to decrease blood pressure by the seaweed absorbed from the sea more than 90 kinds of minerals with high levels of salt and calcium.

In addition to above nutritional values, seaweed also has anti-inflammatory effects because it contains carbohydrates. Moreover, seaweed is a rich source of magnesium helps prevent headaches, relieve asthma and help women reduce stress during menopause. Seaweed also work to remove wrinkles due to it can maintain a stable pH; helps the body control blood alkali; support for anti-aging and blur wrinkles in skin.

Seaweed is smell particularly, in processing need to restrict smell of seaweed as immersion in water, marinate in spice or cooked with other foods can drown out the smell. The seaweed’s nutritional values has been many people in the world appreciate. Women and children are encouraged to eat products made from seaweed.

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