Beauty and Health Benefits of Coconut Water

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Coconut water is a sweet and cool drinks. The beauty and health benefits of coconut water are very much appreciated by a lot of women in the world.

Coconut water is a clear liquid, is contained in the coconut. Fresh coconut water is often found in the old coconut, the young fruits often have sour taste. Coconut water is the drink that is common in tropical countries, especially in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Beauty and health benefits of coconut water

Beauty and health benefits of coconut water

Nutrient composition of coconut water

Coconut water is regarded as a natural drink, low in calories and contains no fat. Calorie in coconut water is about 16.7 kcal / 100g. Because coconut water contains a lot of mineral salt, so coconut water can be used for people suffering from dehydration.

Coconut water contains about 95.5% of water, 0.05% of nitrogen, 0.56% of phosphoric acid, potassium 0.25%, 0.69% of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide 0.59%. In poor and underdeveloped countries, when not available medical saline, coconut water can also be used as infusion.

The beauty and health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is rich in minerals and potassium, it has additional effect of water for the body. Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of coconut water when used to treat dehydration for those who with dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, flu and electrolyte balance.

In fact, the level of potassium in coconut water is higher than 2 times the content of potassium in salt. Because of this, coconut water can help balance cardiovascular health, muscle and strengthen the immune system; balance and absorption of fluid in the body are better. As a natural electrolyte, it helps enhance metabolism and refreshing that coconut water is effectively for weight loss.

On the other hand, coconut water also helps prevent urinary tract infections as well as reduce the risk of kidney stones, regarded as a natural diuretic. Also, coconut water plays a role as an antibiotic to help improve intestinal problems. Drinking a cup of fresh coconut water mixed with 1 tablespoon olive oil or drinking fresh coconut water for 2 times / day will improve your digestive system significantly.

According to studies, a glass of coconut water can replace the juices contain high sugar content such as fruit juice, soft drink or soda. In the health benefits of coconut water, it also has special effects for beauty. Cytokinin substance in coconut water helps fight against aging and prevent sagging skin.

The health benefits of coconut water must also mention the issue of women’s beauty. To look younger, women can drink coconut water regularly to keep their skin healthy, fresh and smooth stretch. Besides, the lauric acid in coconut water can help balance the pH and keep skin tissues closely connected, moisturize the skin effectively.

Other uses of coconut water is a natural plentiful source of calcium for the body (with a capacity of 330ml can provide 4% daily calcium requirements). Drinking coconut water of children regularly can help prevent rickets.

For women after childbirth, the content of calcium in the breast milk decreased after the fourth month, so breastfeeding women should regularly drink coconut water in order to meet your baby’s calcium requirements.

Understanding the beauty and health benefits of coconut water will help you to be proactive in personal and family wellness.

Notes of using fresh coconut water

– Drinking coconut water still in the coconut will have more sweet than coconut water was pouring out of coconuts.

– Do not drink coconut water when you are hungry, tired, long sunny outdoors. Do not drink coconut water before playing sport and fever …

– Do not abuse drinking coconut water every day (3-4 fruits and drink continuously).

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