Choosing a Healthy Diet Plan

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The diet is very important. Choosing a healthy diet plan combined with exercise properly will help your body stay healthy, against disease and prolonged life.

People need food to live and eating is one of the basic needs of human. Nutritional science can help us understand the human need to eat what kinds of foods, from which we will build and choose a healthy diet plan that suits ourselves to prevent disease and improve health.

A healthy diet plan

A healthy diet plan

Breast milk is a great source of nutrition for infants. In old age, poor digestion, people need a healthy diet plan to not be malnourished but still ensure health. If you are not a vegetarian, family and you have had a heart disease, you should choose a healthy diet plan with lots of fish and vegetables.

Choosing a healthy diet plan for yourself

A reasonable diet is to improve the body’s resistance for diseases. Malnutrition in poor countries, underdeveloped often is accompanied by bacterial infections. Many people with dry eye resulting in blindness due to vitamin A deficiency, vitamin D deficiency causes rickets, beriberi disease is caused by lack of Vitamin B1. Goiter and mental development disorders are due to iodine deficiency, anemia is due to iron deficiency.

Many people wonder that what is a healthy diet plan suits ourselves best

If you are a vegetarian, please choose the vegetarian foods such as beans, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Eating the foods made from these materials also provide a full range of necessary nutrients for the body. Also, fasting also helps prolong life and prevent many diseases, specially hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Of course, vegetarians do not eat meat, fish.

If you are not a vegetarian and not cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure can apply a diet include vegetables, grains, milk, fruits, seafood, eggs, meat, beans … You can eat most kind of foods but limit eating oily foods.

Otherwise, you are a non-vegetarian, but you or a member of the family that cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure can apply a special diet as eating more fish and fruit. Also, when applying this diet, you should limit eating cheese and high-fat foods.

The amount of calories that each woman needs to absorb every day

Applying healthy diet plan include exercise and the body’s absorption of calories during the day will bring good health. For women under-18, sedentary, the supply of calories for their body is about 1,800 calories daily; women exercise more or walk over 5km need about 2400 calories.

The amount of calories that each woman needs to absorb every day

The amount of calories that each woman needs to absorb every day

Women are generally less active need about 1800-2000 calories and those who are more active will require about 2000-2400 calories every day in most age groups. In particular, women who are pregnant or want to gain weight can eat more foods; eat less to apply to weight loss.

How much should drink coffee every day on a healthy diet plan

Coffee is considered as a part of healthy diet plan, but you do not necessarily have to drink coffee if you do not like it. The effects of coffee have been proven by scientists as coffee helps prolong life… However, you should not drink too much coffee, you can drink up to 3-5 cups of coffee a day to ensure a healthy body.

The implementation of a reasonable and healthy diet plan will help the body to absorb sufficient nutrients, enhance the body’s resistance. Also, another important aspect of proper nutrition is the need to ensure food hygiene and food processing to clean, no rancidity, not contain harmful substances for the body.

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