Deadly danger from eating spinach

Saturday, November 7th, 2015 (1 Comment)

Spinach is very familiar with Chinese and Vietnamese, but need to know how to use to avoid damage to health.

It is also one of the delicious foods, cool and have cooling effect familiar in Vietnamese and Chinese meal. It is known to be vegetables contain many nutrients, minerals and vitamins. There are calcium and iron in spinach which highest in vegetables. But if not used properly, it can cause incalculable harm to health.

Notes during eating spinach

Spinach is known to be vegetables contain many nutrients, minerals.

However, recently a 74 year old Chinese woman had taken to the hospital emergency room for encountering strange phenomena in the body after eating spinach. The reason is that her skin, specially a part of face, neck, and other parts turned black as coal and the fingers twitched and stiffened.

Doctors have conducted emergency and continuous treatment for several days to see signs of recovery.

Through researching, the reason is she has used spinach to overnight. It is high light absorption, so keeping it overnight is not good for health. Moreover, when we are out of in hot sun without shielding, sensitive people are very susceptible Berloque dermatitis, extremely serious consequences.

She also expressed: “It is no surprise, eating a vegetable bunch, which was nearly dying.

Some vegetables such as spinach, wild kale… with ability of high light absorption, do not store for long time and do not eat too much. Especially out of the hot sun after eating without safeguards are vulnerable to health. With wild vegetables, when we picked or purchased, should be soaked in water for 20-30 minutes, then thoroughly cooked before eating to eliminate harmful toxins in vegetables.

In addition, spinach contains oxalic acid which will influence on the inhibition of absorption of calcium and zinc. Also, they will create oxalate stones should be avoided for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, gout or kidney stones.

Note about spinach:

Cooked spinach should not reheated several times because the nitrate contained in the leaves will be converted into nitrites are carcinogenic substances risk and not good for young children. In addition, according to Oriental medicine, it has cold flavored so people often go to stool, or have just ate tortoise meat should not eat it.

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