Drinking coffee helps longevity

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Drinking coffee from 3 to 5 cups a day helps people live longer by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

If you like to drink coffee, it surely will be good news. Men’s Health reported that a project of Harvard (USA) shows that people have the habit of drinking coffee every day will have a long life.

Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee helps longevity

Coffee is good for health and longevity.

According to a study, 200,000 volunteers were monitored for 28 years. To eliminate smoking group, the scientists discovered people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day reduced heart attack risk by 19%, 24% diabetes and early death at 15%. Leader authors Dr. Frank Hu said “chlorogenic acid in coffee may be the cause of this phenomenon due to the antioxidant effect, infection prevention.”

In addition, Dr. Hu says caffeine stimulates dopamine production and enhancing neurotransmitters help people effectively against Parkinson’s disease and depression.

According to doctor, recently there is no recommend amount of coffee should be drunk for everyone. Using 3-5 cups are good and benefits of coffee have still effects if you drink a lot or a little less.

The effects of coffee help beautiful skin and hair

Coffee is not only a favorite drink of many people, but it also is as a kind of beautiful materials effectively, especially with skin and hair are very much popular.

1. Effect of Coffee anti-aging

It’s not only helps skin firmer and brighter, caffeine also works to improve the appearance of cellulite (fat are surrounded by toxins – causes leading to skin aging). There are many expensive products containing caffeine to reduce cellulite, but you can easily make yourself similar products at home.

To mix two parts coffee grounds with a portion of water, and add a few drops of green tea oil. Use a cotton cloth to rub the mixture into the skin in a circular motion. Green tea oil smells great, they will help foster further circulatory system of the body. You cannot find anti-aging effect immediately, but after a period of use, you will find your skin smoother and firmer. Drinking coffee will help anti-aging.

2. Effect of skin lightening

You can use coffee to rub directly on your skin, abrasive texture of coffee grounds will help brighten dull skin, making the skin look brighter and healthier.

Caffeine in coffee acts as an energizer, are good for the skin or your puffy eyes, the firmer skin and more youthful. To more effectively, add some sugar to coffee grounds, you can also add the olive oil to rub, olive oil helps to hydrate the skin.

3. Effect promotes hair growth

Caffeine not only helps to increase the circulation to the skin, but also helps the hair grow well and healthy. When caffeine is massaged into the scalp directly, they will stimulate the hair follicles to help promote hair growth process, making your hair look thicker.

Let brew coffee solution, and put them in a spray bottle for easy use. Using before you shampoo, spray coffee solution on the hairline, for as long as possible, then wash it and can use other hair care products as normal. You can see the change of hair as frequently use this approach.

4. Coffee help to make hair black

Coffee helps shiny hair

Coffee helps shiny hair

If you like to have a healthy black hair, the coffee is a very good option for you, it will help you have a healthy black hair.

Using concentrated coffee solution to soak the hair. Pour the solution to your hair, and keep them on your hair as long as possible, using dark clothing to avoid coffee soiling. You can to use pot for coffee solution containing and take hair into it, to soak hair with the coffee solution.

You can also use coffee grounds with a little oil to black hair and moisturizing your hair better. You can also add cocoa powder to increase the efficiency of your blackened hair.

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