Is Eating Bananas Really Good For Health?

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Eating bananas can prevent constipation, cardiovascular disease, hypertension problems and some other health problems. You can eat three bananas a day.

According to nutrition experts, bananas provide energy and essential nutrients to the body. You’ll feel better after eating a banana. Do you know why the athletes love to eat bananas? The reason is simple, because the banana gives them energy and increase operational efficiency.

Eating bananas is good for health

Eating bananas is good for health

Eating bananas is good for health

Most of us think that bananas are fattening foods, but if you have a healthy eating plan, the banana will bring many benefits to health and the fact you can eat bananas regularly without fear .

A healthy person should eat 3 bananas a day to increase the resistance, strengthen the immune system and prevent disease. Those who have health problems should also eat bananas to fight disease, but you should consult your doctor to understand the effects of the banana to apply eating bananas to your daily diet effectively.

Here are the effects of bananas:

To improve and boost your mood

Bananas contain tryptophan compound, this compound will help you relax and promote a better mood. Just eat a banana if you feel stressed and depressed.

To control blood pressure

Thanks to high levels of potassium in the nutrient composition banana can help prevent blood pressure problems. Eat 3 bananas a day to achieve the highest efficiency.

Nausea prevention

A surprising fact is bananas also works to prevent nausea. You should eat a banana in the morning if you had drunk last night.

Smoking cessation

Some studies suggest that bananas help you deal with the symptoms after smoking cessation. Therefore, to limit smoking you should eat bananas regularly.

To reduce blood clotting

Studies have shown that eating 3 bananas a day can reduce the risk of blood clots, especially in the brain.

Iron supplement

Banana contains iron, plays a role in the production of hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

To relieve constipation

Banana contains lots of fiber, a fruit very good for people suffering from constipation. The digestive system also works better thanks to bananas.

Stomach pain relief

Many people often say that eating bananas will hurt the stomach. In fact, this fruit has a stomach pain relief effect and reduces gastric mucosal irritation.

Good for bones

Some studies show that potassium in banana helps prevent osteoporosis and protect bones healthier.

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