Eating tofu really good for health?

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Tofu is rich in protein, calcium, and minerals; foods can be substituted for meat, fish. The minerals found in tofu as selenium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, amino acids and micronutrients are very good for health. Is eating tofu really good for health?

Tofu is a quite common food in Southeast Asian countries, it originated from China. It is made mainly from soybeans, is milled in blender with a little water into soy milk; through some preliminary processing steps is finished as tofu.

Eating tofu really good for health?

Eating tofu really good for health?

Tofu is good for health as well as products made from soybeans; however, if you eat too much will cause other damages to the body because the main components of the tofu are soybeans which contain saponins. According to the research of the scientists, if the substance is absorbed into the body too much, they will waste iodine content in the body causing iodine deficiency.

In addition, the content of protein in tofu is high, and under the effect of the catalyst, enzyme in the stomach will easily be transformed. Eating too much will cause the body hard to absorb iron lead to indigestible result; increased blood cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries. Just eat 100g is good for the body.

Moreover, according to many studies published, if you eat too much soybean products daily will significantly reduce sperm quantity of men. Because soybeans contain isoflavones, a substance increases the amount of estrogen in the body. Also choose the type of tofu does not contain a preservative to prevent the risk of breast cancer.

The researchers also said that, the elderly or who have weak kidney eat too much tofu will risk of kidney failure. Because of containing small amounts of nitrogen which loaded into the body too much will cause pressure on the kidneys. In the long run, it will cause impaired kidney.

So, how much eating tofu is enough?

Tofu is generally good for health but should not eat too much. The elderly, people with impaired kidney, anemia, iron deficiency, gout, and arteriosclerosis… should limit eating. Just eat 3 times/week, each about 100 grams.

Besides the negative effects of tofu, also has the unexpected benefits. Eating tofu correctly and enough will reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular benefits and prevent aging.

Tofu is a great choice for those who are overweight. Because it contains less cholesterol and fat are good for weight loss and prevent obesity effectively.
This product contributes to reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood and increases the good cholesterol levels that reduce the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Tofu is a healthy food rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals to help improve the immune system.

Tofu contains low-calorie and belong the food group help to prevent diabetes type 2. Experts recommend eating 2 pieces of tofu per day will reduce the risk of diabetes and regulates the levels of insulin in the blood. Besides, it also works to prevent cancers caused by substances in the flavonoid and isoflavonoid in tofu. These substances are effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

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