Family meals help everyone closer

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Family meals are important because they affect the health of your family. The family is full of appetite, the health of whole family is guaranteed. Children are not malnourished. Adults are poor appetite, very weak protection to against diseases, illness, labor power decreased, low productivity, low-income led to the family are difficulties in all aspects.

Family meals are the occasion gathers all members of the family to be able to exchange information, thoughts and feelings. However, nowadays, family meals are becoming increasingly estranged from the child and losing its spiritual meaning. People often say the family is the cell of society, the family is stable and the society is development.

Family meals help everyone closer

Family meals help everyone closer

Compared with meals outside cafes or restaurants, home-cooked meals in the family always save more. Just cooking regularly, you will become one resourceful housewife in the family. Also, your family’s health is protected safety because you know your dishes made to ensure safety of food hygiene.

Family meals are a time when everyone in the family expected to be enjoyed good traditional dishes and familiar, to be sharing the joy, to receive the comforting words of encouragement… Meals are also “glue substances” to all members of the family together. When everyone in the family does not feel the excitement with meal anymore, this “glue” is going to lapse cohesion and it is also the risk early warning signs of broken home.

Family meals provide nutritious

To consolidate and improve family meals are an urgent requirement for health, safety and happy of the family. Housewives often think how to get cheap, nutritious, palatable meals for everyone? In order to improve family meals, everyone in the family must be consciously contribute to creating food for meals as planting vegetables yourself…

Not only that, you also have to take the taste of each person, change dish every day for various. You cannot to organize reasonable family meals without understanding of the nutritional needs of the body and nutritional value of the food.

For the quality of the meals we cannot rely solely on meat, fish that need to review dishes on the table. During the meal should have a salad because it provides many minerals, vitamins which are essential nutrients for the body. Vegetables also provide fiber to help remove toxins from the body, the backlog in gastrointestinal tract and contribute to prevent constipation. Also, eating plenty of vegetables will reduce the risk of obesity among children and adults in the family. Children will hear more useful stories from adults, would be useful for their future life and make them healthy eating habits.

Meals must also have the dish rich in protein, fat. Protein is the materials needed for the child’s body in the development stage. Fat is a source of vital energy and help create delicious dishes. The dishes are rich in fat and protein included tofu, sesame, groundnuts, meat, fish, eggs, milk…

It also needs soup in meals to add water and nutrients. Ending a meal must have drinking water, and dessert dishes like cakes but fruits is best.

Generally, family meals need:

  • Sufficient quantity, so that people can be fed.
  • Enough about quality: with vegetables, food rich in protein and fat, soup and dessert.
  • Processing of change dishes, mixed foods, spicy.
  • Ensure food hygiene: dished is not a source of infection.

You need to concern to organize the kitchen properly. You want to improve the meals need:

  • Organize the kitchen neatly and cleanly.
  • There are food storage facilities, cutting, sharpening tools… If you have conditions, let equip a refrigerator, oven, stew…
  • There is enough water on site for washing hands, washing vegetables, washing dishes.

In summary, want to improve family meals, families should be aware of the importance of meals; invest in the construction of kitchen where is airy and cleanly, people contribute to create sources of ample food for everyday meals. Family meals should have four basic items to ensure that all people be eaten full, nutritious, delicious and economical.

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