Healthy Breakfast is Really Necessary

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Healthy breakfast will provide an energy source for the day’s activities. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea and should not apply.

You wake up late, going to work late … a healthy breakfast sometimes interfere for you. But try to arrange time to enjoy a few whole grains or fruits. That is the minimum if you do not want to eat a breakfast with a variety of foods.

Is healthy breakfast really important?

Is healthy breakfast really important? (Photo:

Is healthy breakfast really important?

Unfortunately, if you skip breakfast, you can skip more precious than a mere meal. A study was conducted with more 1,000 French by an U.S university showed that people who usually have breakfast with calorie-rich foods such as ready to eat cereal every day will consume more carbohydrate and less fat than those who skip breakfast.

Moreover, they also absorb more minerals and vitamins which are more important. Also, the bad cholesterol is absorbed less, so the risk of cardiovascular disease will be decreased significantly.

Those who give up a healthy breakfast would not have been physically possible, even in the long time can lead to stomach pain. Journal of International Food Science and Nutrition has conducted a study with more 200 people confirmed that who eat breakfast every day will be healthy both mentally though they just eat less cereal.

Enjoying your first meal of the day, it does not take much time. The most essential thing is to choose foods that suit your taste. Who knows, you can prolong the life of a few more years. A typical example is the people who live to 100 years old usually have very regular breakfast. Studies of older people also confirmed this problem really exists.

Is a healthy breakfast really very important for each person’s body? According to nutritionists, this meal has at least 4 basic effects:

4 basic effects of a healthy breakfast

Prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer: As recommended by the World Health Organization, there should be 5 fruit meals provided for the body every day. With breakfast included at least a portion of fruit, you almost have complied with this goal. Meanwhile, those who skip breakfast often do not comply with this requirement, Dr. Gloria Stables at American Cancer Institute said.

Many studies have confirmed that eating more fruits and vegetables will reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases. Also, breakfast with a glass of fresh orange juice will enhance the resistance and stamina significantly. The content of vitamin C in orange juice is capable of enhancing helpful HDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of artery blockage. Orange juice is also rich in potassium, capable of preventing high blood pressure and strokes efficiently.

Strengthening fiber: We often do not get enough fiber content daily. Experts said that the body needs at least 25-30g of fiber a day. Harvard University conducted a study showed that women absorb about 23g of fiber / day (from grains) will reduce by 23% the risk of heart disease compared to those who only loaded about 11g. As for man, fiber will help prevent the risk of developing heart disease by 36%.

Consolidated energy: You will have all the necessary nutrients with a cup of good grain to start a new day. Cereals are rich in minerals and important vitamins, including folic acid, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevent defects in the fetus and intestinal cancer.

Slimming effect: A healthy breakfast with cereal rich in fiber is one of the best ways for weight loss. A study was conducted on more 2,000 people within 10 years of the American Medical Association showed that people who eat more fiber will gain weight less. The reason is that the low calorie content of fiber, which slows the digestive process and reduce the feeling of hunger and appetite.

In summary, it is important to spend a reasonable time for a healthy breakfast. You can set the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and enjoy breakfast with two basic principles and mainly to rich in fiber such as fruits and foods (toast, cereal, oatmeal). These are all what you need to enhance mentality and health every day.

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