Healthy Living Helps Japanese Less Obese

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The Japanese still own slender body by a healthy living plan although they hardly apply the methods of dieting or strenuous exercise.

Japanese think that overweight not only affects the aesthetic but also a manifestation of poor health. Toned and balanced bodies are considered “standard shape”. Therefore, the Japanese do not have to force themselves dieting or strenuous exercise, they still maintain neat figure through a good diet and healthy living.

Healthy living help Japanese less obese

Healthy living help Japanese less obese

Healthy living helps Japanese less obese

Scientific dining menu

The Japanese do not like or limiting fast foods and pre-packaged foods. They often use the freshest ingredients to prepare delicious meals, ensuring adequate supply of nutrients, obesity limited by the chemicals and preservatives in canned foods….

A normal meal of Japanese is very reasonable with less starch, fish and vegetables, especially raw fish. Most Japanese love to eat raw fish. The amount of vegetables in a meal is more often 5 times compared to Westerners. If you want a slim body, you should eat fresh foods naturally, simple processing such as steaming, boiling … and add the fish and vegetables. It is a good healthy diet.

Fresh fish and vegetables are preferred menu of Japanese. At Japanese restaurants, you almost can enjoy a variety of fresh dishes.

Gym to stay in shape is the choice of many, but not everyone can afford and perseverance to practice regularly. Instead of choosing exercises too strict, you can apply the secrets of Japanese: turn the exercise becomes a daily habit. Japanese do yoga in the morning; limit to take the elevator and actively take the stairs. They often walk whenever possible, especially when lined up, people will rotate the foot in a circle to burn fat, helps tone … These habits are simple, but over time it will impact very well to physique. This is a good healthy living plan of Japanese.

Being active every day to keep your body neat and toned.

Sitting or standing correctly

The hunchbacked standing can cause belly fat faster development, So, just change your posture, you can prevent fat accumulation in the abdomen and thigh. The Japanese have always had the habit of keeping upright when walking and standing; shoulders straight, head up, chest slightly sticking out. This will help the walk flexible and do not put fat down the abdomen. Seiza is the basic posture in Zen religion, helps improve the shape, stable heartbeat.

Drinking warm water in the evening

Japanese nutrition experts recommend you should drink 800ml of warm water every day, especially after meals. Warm water helps to heat the body, causing the body to burn energy automatically to regulate it. This is also as a way to exercise without any effort, to make the process of metabolism better. Besides, a glass of warm water after a meal also helps your digestive system stay healthy.

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