Height Growth Process In a Human Lifetime

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Height growth process of the human is 1,000 early days. When the children were one year old, they have reached a height of more than half, as they were born. Height growth will slow down as we are puberty and body stopped growing at the age of 23 (women) and 25 (men).

Nutrition experts have determined that the height growth process in the future of a child is the first 1,000 days of life; the pregnant woman should be taken care of from pregnancy and the first 24 months. Nutrition for their first 1,000 days is very important, which is from conception to 2 years of age including pregnancy of 270 days + a child in the first year (365 days) + 365 days in the second year. This is the stage during which children should be cared more, adult height will reach genetic potential in the future. If you miss not take good care of this stage, nothing can compensate.

Specifically, the development of the fetus length is very early as the first weeks of pregnancy. Length peaked in the period before the 15th week of pregnancy, while the baby’s weight peaked at 32nd week to 34th week. The length of the fetus has a very important meaning for peak height can reach adulthood.

Height growth process in a human lifetime.

Height growth process in a human lifetime.

Nutrition is one of three important factors deciding the child’s height growth.

After birth, in the first year, the height of the child will grow faster. A year-old child’s height is a half times of the height at the new-born. For example, at birth, the child’s length is 50 cm, 75 cm in length when they are one year old. From one to 10 years old, the average length of baby will increase by 5 cm per year. To pre-puberty, children grow very fast.

When puberty (12-13 for women and 15-16 for men), height growth slowdown, annual increase of about 2 cm. The next stage to 25 years old, height will grow very slowly, only 1-2 cm or nothing. The human body stops growing at 23 years for women and 25 years for men.

According to nutrition experts, children from anywhere in the world are capable of comprehensive development both mentally and height if they are brought up properly. Scientists have said that the improvement of infant feeding in the first 2 years of life is the top priority. It aims to reduce death, illness and enhance their physical and mental.

In particular, all children should be breastfeeding (within one hour of birth) and exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life, no need to eat / drink more foods / other drinks. Breast milk is a valuable source of nutrition and is a natural vaccine protected early life most effectively. Scientific studies indicate that cow’s milk (formula) is the cause of the infection, diarrhea and increased mortality of babies less than one year of age (IMR is 12 times higher than groups were breastfed).

Starting from the seventh month, babies need to eat all the food more needed, ensuring the quality and continuing to breastfeed up to 24 months to continue to flourish. Babies should not get solid food too early. That means that children do not eat properly and enough essential foods (high in iron, animal protein, vegetables, dairy, grains and vegetable oils). Sports practice is necessary but not the key to grow the height.

Before that, you need to reduce energy shortages in mothers. It is important that pregnant women should eat variety, drinking enough essential micronutrients and proper rest.

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