Why do Japanese women live long?

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Over 25 years, Japanese women live long and hold the world record for the longest life and average life is 84 years old and never be obese.

So, what are the secrets help Japanese women live long?

Healthy food and weight loss are one of the important factors in the daily activities in Japan. Leading food makes healthy living, longevity and keep slim figure is the 7 healthy dishes include fish, seaweed, fruit, soybean, rice, vegetables and green tea. All these stuffs have anti-aging properties and contribute greatly to weight loss. Those are healthy food and good weight control.

Why do Japanese women live long?

Why do Japanese women live long?

The Japanese enjoy home-cooked meals every day. Traditional meals include grilled fish, rice, cooked vegetables, soup, green tea and fruit. In particular, the Japanese consume about 10% of fish in the world, although they account for only 2% of the global population.

From early childhood, Japanese children have been educated in the rules of eating. They eat slowly, chew slowly to enjoy the taste of meals. Japanese rule is never put more food on a plate. Each dish arranged on a plate separately, not mixed.

Japanese cuisine is quite easy processed; food is often cooked, steamed or baked in a short time. Instead of bread, the Japanese eat rice at every meal, and it really is one of the main differences between the meals for the East and West.

Fish is one of the important food of the Japanese.

In Japan, breakfast is considered the most important meal. Breakfast includes a number of food and drink, but mostly green tea, rice, soup, tofu, garlic, seaweed, fish or omelet. The Japanese rarely use sweet desserts. Japanese women are not dislike chocolate, cake, ice cream and pastries that they simply realize the negative consequences and side effects of them for health.

An indispensable help Japanese women live long is exercise. Exercise is part of the daily routine in Japan. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, they have built a culture of cycling, walking and hiking.

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