Making delicious grilled dishes in BBQ party

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When organizing a BBQ party, the note is the preparation of a good material to be processed delicious grilled dishes. Please filtered fat from meat or split into small pieces to bake … is one of the ways that can help you get delicious steaks.

What’s BBQ party?

BBQ stands for Barbecue (party). This is the kind of party where the main dish is grilled on charcoal directly or in the oven. This is the common name often used in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In Australia, people often use lamb to grill in BBQ party. Today, the BBQ was popularized almost worldwide.

BBQ party is popular in the world

BBQ party is popular in the world. (Photo:

Barbecue grill means use the grill to grill pork, beef, lamb, … In addition to the barbecue, you can also bake other foods like seafood (shrimp, fish, squid …), vegetables, sausage … are marinated spices. Barbecue has also expansion means which is the party, festival or outdoor trips with many baked foods.

The aroma from the grill will make the guests enjoy. Especially you can manually select your favorite dishes or even bake yourself. In Europe or America, barbecue is very popular. Even people build a permanent place in the garden. A barbecue party tends to lengthen, so everyone can have fun, create new relationships, improve old relationships and share information with each other. People often say “when stomach is full, saying something is easy.” In addition to dining, music is an integral part in the BBQ party. Many people even hired musicians to perform.

How to bake

  • For safety, people often place braziers on a flat and fixed it to avoid from falling.
  • There are 2 ways to grill. Bake directly on the grill and grill over foil. However, baking directly on the grill still people prefer.
  • Braziers must be prepared in advance for heating. When charcoal is burnt and less smoke you can put meat on the grill. Then spread a sauce layer on meat to create the fragrance.
  • Before baking you should carefully filter part fatty meat, for minced meat you should add a little flour to prevent the harmful substances. Besides, divide the material into small pieces and can cook a few minutes before baking. This approach can reduce HCA (carcinogens) in food.
  • Foods for grilling can place directly on grill or skewer.
  • Flipping quickly foods and regular hold cooked food, avoid burning.
  • You can add a layer of foil with small perforated holes on the grill to flame rises too high. This will also limit the amount of fat dripping down hot charcoal make fire disabled.
  • Enjoying steak with crispy crust, soft inner meat layer blended sauce had soaked into the meat and other drinks is fantastic.
  • Cleaning the barbecue before using is a way to ensure food hygiene. The grill or oven always has a layer of fat clinging. Use warm water to clean the grill is the easiest way. Also, you just need to spread on the grill a layer of oil before storage to prevent rust.
  • Once baked, ashes rest in the brazier should be cooled completely to avoid fire.
  • Don’t grill foods directly over the fire of wood because they would not taste and smoke smell.

BBQ party is appropriate held in the evening as end of year party, meeting friends, company parties…

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